Thursday, January 21, 2016


Present. Fully immersed in the moment, engaged, undistracted... it's something that appeals to me deeply as a creative, introspective, introvert. In the ordinary workings of the everyday, I'm capable of multi-tasking, if I must - but it's not a place of joy for me.

No, I find joy in cocooning myself within a moment, undisturbed. Swirling music that drowns out everything but its own melody.  Laughter shared that transcends the current circumstance. A book that draws me into its world and out of my own. A conversation that exists outside of time and is startled to find how much time has passed in its duration.

But in a busy world of dinging notifications and the constant needs of two-under-three, being present in the way I'd prefer is a rare commodity. Yet, it's still one I value, for all its rarity - and I'd like to start practicing it a little more, sacrificing efficiency and personal distractions in order to enter more totally into the moment, whatever moment that might be.

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Lynette said...

Boy, I remember those days of having two under was many moons ago though. Bless your heart - I know you have to be fully present then. I pray that you do not get overwhelmed and that you know that God is present right there with you through those young mothering years.

~#9 this wk on FMF

Andrew said...

I think I can perhaps relate, Sarah Jo...having 24 dogs (we have a sanctuary), one has to redefine 'present'.

What I have found, for what it may be worth, is that life is simply Now. React to the present with the grace you can bring, and you are really there. That's all it takes.

#2 in FMF

thisiskatha said...

I guess this is one of the hardest things to learn: to be present. And I wonder if it's ever possible. Maybe bit by bit, conversation after conversation, little practices here and there.
I'm so glad that God is always present!
Happy Friday!