Tuesday, January 19, 2016


Excited to be joining this gratitude blog-hop, inspired by Kristen Welch's upcoming book, Raising Grateful Kids in an Entitled World!

When I chose my "one word" for the year (adventure), I deliberately infused it with (among other things) a desire to budget better in the coming year. Not so much a resolution as a prayer for heart-change - for a renewed perspective that would lead to greater contentment and increased gratitude.

I've kept a list of daily "gifts" for several years, sparked by a reading of One Thousand Gifts. But even at that, it took over a year to finally click - that gratitude, just like love and grace and patience and every other good thing, cannot be willed into being by any amount of effort, however sincere, on my own part, but must be the gift of a good God.

Everything I've read lately (books, blog posts, my daily devo) and much of what I've heard (from sermons and podcasts to conversations with friends) has been pointing in an obvious direction this year (while I can usually look back on a year later and see a pattern, it doesn't generally become apparent this early): live like Jesus.

Entitlement and complaining are such an embedded part of our culture that gratitude and contentment are near the top of the list of counter-cultural choices. My own journey is an uphill climb, with frequent halts and interruptions - but I pray better for Brooklyn and Tobin. They're both little now (Brooklyn can't write yet and Tobin can't talk), but I pray for the courage to live like Jesus (giving thanks before receiving, loving the unlovable, heaping grace on those that don't deserve it, seeking and accepting God's path rather than setting off into the thicket on my own...) in a way that causes them to notice and ask questions.

I'd like to create a home environment where gratitude is natural - I know we'll all have to battle our own inner dragons, but maybe they can face their human selfishness in an undernourished state, having escaped "entitlement conditioning" that feeds the green-eyed monster, already armed with sharp-honed Truth. I'm grateful for the armor I've collected on the way - and for the other brave souls on this same adventure, lifting each other up and cheering each other on!

2324. Sleeping in a little and getting afternoon nap, after a late night with Tobin
2325. Tobin being content to sit quietly in my lap and play with a couple of toys
2326. Brooklyn going in her room and "getting her louds out" behind a closed door when I asked her to not scream in the kitchen
2327. My parents coming for a day and playing with Brooklyn while I attended to a very needy Tobin
2328. Tobin recovering mid-afternoon and "apologizing" to Brooklyn for being cranky (and her sweet acceptance of that)
2329. A hot shower, which nearly made up for the lack of sleep
2330. Waking up in time to get everyone ready for church (after accidentally falling asleep on the couch)
2331. Brooklyn cheerfully eating the Flintstones vitamin I offered her
2332. Community group
2333. Adam getting home safely after an unexpected early morning freeze
2334. An extra day with him (yay Federal holidays!)
2335. A solitary successful yarn quest
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Chaley Clark said...

Love this!!! This book opened my eyes! I have never read a thousand gifts, will have to get it!

Leigha Balchus said...

Great post! A friend got me One Thousand Gifts as a gift, and I haven't read it yet. Sounds like it might need to be next on my list! Thanks for sharing!! :)

Andrea said...

It sounds like you've already started to build an environment in your home where gratitude can flourish. I'm sure that your children, as they grow older, will notice and benefit from your determination to lead a grateful life. Great post! :)