Thursday, January 21, 2016

Heart Spotting

In the February/March issue of Mary Jane's Farm (which arrived in my postbox at the end of December, for whatever reason), there was an article about "heart spotting" - the idea of intentionally seeking heart shapes, particularly in nature but really anywhere they turned up.

The article presented it as a sort of mindfulness exercise, and the concept appealed to me. But if it's just practice of paying attention, why not stars or a letter of the alphabet or something else? I especially liked the idea of it being hearts, specifically - like a love note, left for you to find.

So that's how I saw it. I've been keeping an eye out, when I remember, for "notes" left scattered throughout my day - and I've been trying to take those moments and turn them to gratitude, whenever they happen.

What's especially struck me is that the moment a heart is called to my attention (often by Brooklyn, who is more passionate about the project than I even am) is generally a moment in which I am struggling and need a reminder to be grateful, or at least a reminder of Who I'm grateful to. It really has turned into a quest for love notes, from Love Himself - and it's a search I'd like to continue, at least through the end of the year. After that, who knows?

2336. Tobin taking two naps (he really needs to, but rarely does)
2337. Quiche for breakfast - much better than not eating because I'm so busy feeding everyone else
2338. Having already worked through my own pregnancy-related overthinking so I can alleviate someone else's
2339. Moments of laughter, to balance the moments of hysteria
2340. Another jammy day (just running to the post box was bad enough - definitely glad we didn't have to go anywhere!)
2341. Morale-boosting pizza

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