Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Adventures... Quests... Things

I've been pondering the concept of adventure lately. I wrote about the nature of adventure a few weeks ago, drawing from The Hobbit (one of my favorite books) and the way that not everything goes as planned or even goes well, but is still all an adventure.

The past couple of years I've chosen a word for the year - last year's was grow, the year before that was harmony. I didn't really write about either of them, nor did I adhere to them particularly well, which is why I'm starting here, now, with a post about this year's word (adventure) so that I'll have some sort of accountability.

I don't do well with resolutions - I do write myself a letter every year on December 31st, but I don't open it until the next year so it's more reminiscing than exhortation. But this year there are a few things that I'd like to be more intentional about, and they all fall into the adventure category nicely:

-Prioritize rest. Early bedtimes (by "early" I mean "before 10:30pm, preferably"), focused devotions (as opposed to reading a passage and not thinking about it again for the rest of the day), and grace-filled routines. Ultimately, practicing peace, body and soul, to encourage more loving responses to the trials of the journey.

-Budget better. I was doing so well for awhile, and then at the end of the year I not only fell off the wagon but also completely lost sight of it over the horizon. But finding joy in the journey means seeking less joy from material things - it also, for me, means a heightened creative sensibility, which makes "making do" more of a challenge than a chore. (Also, one of our pastors managed to work my word for the year into a sermon on money the first Sunday of the new year - Generosity is the adventure we were made for - so there's that ;)

-Take more pretty pictures. That may sound odd, especially after the other two, but I was surprised at how happy that pinecone picture made me, and it also made me realize how my photography has drifted away from mostly arty closeups to mostly mugs of tea and Small Persons Doing Cute Things. Not that I want to stop taking pictures of Brooklyn and Tobin, but I'd also like to rediscover the sense of wonder that caused me to seek out shots like that.

I used to see the wonder more easily - to be the person with the crazy ideas who was always asking others "where's your sense of adventure?" - to go around every corner in eager expectation of what might be lurking behind it. I'd like to rediscover that person --- it sounds like an adventure in itself!

2291. A perfectly reasonable grocery budget (highlighted by the cashier telling me about the valuable work of the Arkansas Food Bank and her son's brief period of homelessness)
2292. A letter from my grandma
2293. The barista accidentally upgrading my drink to what I actually wanted (but hadn't ordered)

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