Thursday, December 10, 2015

To Do or To Be

After several weeks of being stuck inside because cold and colds, we finally started feeling better just in time for a few warm sunny days - which we immediately seized as a chance to go to the park and walk. Brooklyn sits very nicely in the wagon, commenting on everything that goes by, and Tobin enjoys being worn, alternately smiling at the people we pass and laying his head down to rest (all that walking I'm doing exhausts him...)

I could resent the time spent, knowing that I could be doing something else, instead. But regardless of what's on my list, there's nothing I'd rather be doing. Quality time out of doors refreshes us all, and redeems the time remaining with more productivity and grace than it might otherwise have.

Besides, when I get too task-focused, I do things like get Brooklyn and Tobin's clothes mixed up (it took me until the next morning to connect Tobin's shortage of onesies with the shortness of the sleeves on the one Brooklyn was wearing as jammies).

I don't want to be remembered as Stressed But Productive During Holidays - I'd rather be remembered as Fun And Engaged, if possible. I could have plunked Tobin down with some toys and retreated onto the couch out of his reach to finish my tasks when he woke up early from his nap this afternoon - but we both needed to interaction and giggles that came from my less-divided attention.

It seems to me to defeat the purpose of a day devoted to familial interaction if the month leading up to it is spent overshadowed by task-consumed stress. I'm grateful for the reminders, in the form of beautiful weather and short naps, that people matter so much more than my perceived productivity.

2213. A calm, productive morning at home
2214. Warm enough weather for an afternoon walk at the park
2215. A pretty Christmas card (made by our church's card ministry) from new friends at church

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