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Tiny Adventures

Two more weeks. Tobin decided last week that he should try to walk by his birthday, so he's been cautiously (and adorably) standing up without holding onto anything. It's odd to see him careful, because he usually isn't - but it's also darling!

I found the perfect cards for his invitations from Gingiber at The Little Craft Show on Friday night. At this point, I can do cute, creative things because it's just close family that gets invited - when they start having friends and opinions, I suspect my level of fancy will decrease. The six year olds' moms might appreciate tiny books with pictures and details and fun facts (that was for Brooklyn's second birthday - to help out of town relatives), but the six year olds will not.

Ah, yes, Little Craft. We three spent 36 hours roadtripping to and from Fayetteville on Friday and Saturday, so that I could go to The Little Craft Show with a friend (it's a Thing - we've been together every year for three years). It's been awhile since I was the one coordinating a trip, so I had fun with planning and packing and efficiency, with choosing an audio book for the hour of dead air in the middle (we listened to The Magician's Nephew, the radio theatre version) and finding some tape that would stick a memory verse to my dashboard, the better to redeem the time.

Everyone is still a little lot sniffly (I feel like we usually get over things more quickly than this...) so there was a little more emotional instability this trip, but everyone dealt with it with lots of grace. Brooklyn had fun playing house - the most recent addition to the collection Mum's making her was an empty vanilla bottle, which she decided was a ketchup bottle. "He shakes it - and he opens it - and he squeezes it - and he closes it - and he puts it away. That's how Daddy does ketchup!"

Tobin went with Morgan and I that evening (Brooklyn stayed with my parents), and I was able to find their ornaments for the year (golden feather for my fancy girl, tiny snowman for tiny T - the acorns are going to be package ties). I've been getting them one each year (although, I owe Tobin one for last year, because he wasn't supposed to be born before Christmas and then I wasn't able to get one after because new baby) and at this point it goes on their doorknob. As we get more, I'd like to hang them in their room, pennant-like, and keep going until they're 25 so they can do an adventy count-down of some sort, if they'd like.

No one slept that night - Brooklyn has been coughing, and decided that 3am should be morning, and Tobin had a reaction to dairy that ended with us going for an o'dark-thirty drive because the vibrations helped his tummy. But we made it home (tacos helped), fairly peacefully and with a little car napping (for them, not for me - caffeine helped), and spent a peaceful evening.

With projects being completed and Christmas drawing near, I'm hoping this can be a week of rest and preparation (mental, emotional, and physical - there are presents to wrap and cards to write, and a birthday party to plan!) But, for the first few days at least, mostly rest.

2186. All sleeping in, and snuggles with Brooklyn (and Tobin, but he doesn't require illness in order to enjoy cuddling)
2187. Successfully completing and felting (sans catastrophe) a deadline project
2188. Brooklyn's affinity for frozen raspberries (with chocolate chips)
2189. Forehead thermometers
2190. Brooklyn helping me pot an amaryllis bulb
2191. Cessation of the rain, and a sunset rim on the edge of a grey day
2192. Good books at the library
2193. Making it to Dempsey Bakery, ten minutes before they closed
2194. Enough leftover pink yarn to knit Brooklyn a hat (since she outgrew her last one, and adores this yarn)
2195. Tobin standing, adorably
2196. Finishing a month-long knitting project
2197. and finishing an 800 page book in two day
2198. Mum and Dad looking after Brooklyn for an evening
2199. The Little Craft Show with a dear friend - and a dear friend to go with
2200. Macarons, tea, curry lentil soup, and ice cream with mulling spices - all gluten free!
2201. Mum sitting up with Brooklyn (who wasn't sleeping, but thought it was wonderful) while I went for a drive with Tobin (who wasn't sleeping, and was upset about it)
2202. Tacos for the road - and being able to drive through and get them (it's really hard to find good gluten free food with a drive through)
2203. A productive evening of writing and wrapping and introverting


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