Monday, December 14, 2015

Moving Along

One more week! Looking back over his first year as compared to Brooklyn's, it looks like she was ahead of him at this point linguistically, but he's ahead mobilely (I think that's common for a girl and a boy). They have a toy car that will also fold into a walker, and Tobin's been having grand fun with that the past few days, but hasn't taken any steps on his own yet.

I managed to get some walking in last week, though. There were several gorgeously warm and sunny days in a row, so we went to the park. Brooklyn rides beautifully in the wagon, carefully guarding a collected pinecone to throw into the water when we cross the bridge, and Tobin likes being worn.

It really has seemed more like spring than winter, with the warm and the sun and a few beautifully tempestuous rain showers. I was able to set the amaryllis bulb Mum gave me at Thanksgiving out on the balcony for a little while, which helped it along nicely.

But the almanac, the persimmon seeds, and the woolly bear caterpillars are all predicting a long, cold, snowy winter, so I'm going ahead with Tobin's new hat. He does technically have one that still fits, but it's not handknitted, and I feel like the least I can do is keep them in hats for as long as they'll wear them (Brooklyn flatteringly told me "I looove it!" when I gave her hers).

Brooklyn's such a little person. She greeted Adam when he came the other day with a very excited, "Hi, Daddy, it's so nice to see you! I went to Dempsey Bakery and I sat in a chair and I ate a cookie and I put it [the wrapper] in the trash and I sat down again!" and after a passerby let her pat her puppy, she chattered about that for the rest of the day. "There was a dog and I petted it! And he had a tongue and I didn't touch his tongue. And he was very soft!"

Birthday (and Christmas) planning is moving on apace - all the presents are wrapped, and I've been writing a few cards a day (I really try to be creative with what I write - especially since several of the people I'll give them to celebrate Christmas together and they're liable to compare cards).

This is a week of last-minuting and finishing-touches - hopefully, with plenty of resting and reading and playing mixed in,

2216. A list full of fun errands, and Brooklyn's help carrying things
2217. The kind passerby who stopped to let her pet her puppy
2218. Walking at the park, two days in a row
2219. A whole entire jammy day
2220. Finishing a washcloth before lunch, and the cookies I attempted turning out
2221. Baths for all and Tobin not crying about his
2222. Adam taking Brooklyn with him to a wedding in Fayetteville
2223. Cathy staying with Tobin while I got a haircut
2224. and then we-three going to a craft fair (and not getting rained on!)
2225. An excellent and uplifting sermon
2226. A rainy afternoon, perfect for taking a hot bath
2227. Two more knitting projects, complete and packaged to mail

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