Monday, December 28, 2015

Home for Christmas

Ah, Christmas in the South. I'm sure we'll get plenty of winter later on (at least, that's what the almanac, the persimmon seeds, and the woolly bear caterpillars are saying), but for now we thoroughly enjoyed getting to walk at the park three of the four days Adam had off over the holiday.

Spending time together as a family was a gift in itself. Brooklyn and Tobin grew exponentially more excited every morning that they woke up to find Adam still there - and they got to spend some time on the playground at the park that we don't usually get when it's just me (I realize it's not as aesthetically pleasing, but I do really appreciate when there's a fence around the play area), so she got to climb and slide to her heart's content (that is, until larger, louder, kids invaded) and he got to swing for the first time.

Games were played, books were read, tea was sipped, music was listened to, letters were written, movies were watched, and knitting progress was made. Altogether, it was a peaceful and quiet celebration of One born to bring peace.

We've got a few days between before a more traditional weekend of family and presents and fun - while I'm looking forward to it, I'm also planning to relish the space at the end of the year, before the busy new year descends.

2258. Tobin swinging for the first time
2259. Hot cocoa and drive-through Christmas lights
2260. A Christmas Eve family walk at the park
2261. Spending the morning writing thank-you notes - and finishing them all
2262. Lots and lots of tea
2263. Sneaky veggie meatloaf
2264. The library, all-four-together, and local sorbet after
2265. Walks at the park three days in a row (before it got cold and wet)
2266. Real pizza and a Redbox movie
2267. The Ugandan Children's Choir
2268. An evening drive
2269. A perfect-textured Icee

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