Thursday, December 24, 2015


I know that a lot of people dislike glitter - the way it multiplies and gets all over everything and continues to be found, weeks later, grates on their nerves; but it's those qualities that I treasure. The tiny glimmer that unexpectedly appears, long after the wrapping or card that it was a part of is gone, serve as a reminder of the joy the original brought.

You know how some people leave their tree up and decorate it for Valentine's Day because they don't want to take it down? I'm the same way about pumpkins.

This year, it's also standing in nicely for snow, of which there is none. It thunderstormed warmly and gloriously yesterday, and I think our high for the day after Christmas is predicted to be nearly 80 - but if I can muster a Christmas hike instead of a Christmas snowball fight I certainly won't complain. Knitter though I am, I'm also acclimated to the South.

And the weather can't dampen another of glitter's attributes: remembering. Every time one of those flecks catches the light, and my eye, it also sparks my memory. All the warmth of the occasion floods back, and since I stopped getting glitter-crusted birthday cards when I was about 7, most of my glittering memories revolve around Christmas - a fitting reminder of Light, born small and hidden away in a stable, but born to bring great joy.

2249. The longest night - and a brighter tomorrow
2250. Brooklyn emotionally preparing a new doll for the experience of going outside
2251. New tea in a pretty mug
2252. A reasonably trauma-free trip to Camp Robinson for a new military ID
2253. Getting cold knitting on the balcony, then warming up with a book and a bath
2254. Tobin continuing to eat well and noticeably gaining weight
2255. The amaryllis growing half an inch a day
2256. A gloriously stormy morning
2257. that cleared off in time for us to get groceries before lunch/naps

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