Monday, December 21, 2015


The past year has flown by! But, somehow, we have a one year old and a two-and-a-half year old (who acts like a 5 year old sometimes).

Tobin was delighted by his birthday party - a houseful of people who all want to pay attention to him is his idea of a good time. He would have enjoyed getting into the frosting if I'd let him, but I'm not an adherent to the smash cake tradition, so he had a few tidy bites - and then got to destroy wrapping paper after, which I think made up for it. He got the concept surprisingly quickly.

A houseful of people is not Brooklyn's idea of a good time (my poor little fellow introvert), so she kept to the edges of the room, with occasional sallies to bring people cups of pretend tea. She was extremely brave the entire time, but afterwards anxious lest the house suddenly be filled again and she be pressured to give hugs. It's going to be interesting, balancing the two of them, as they get older.

She and I both need space (in the moment, and afterwards for processing) but Adam and Tobin require a lot more to be overstimulated. Not that we don't like doing things - we'd just like to do less, more quietly, be finished sooner, and then go think about it alone afterwards.

So the first thing she did with a new doll was serve her tea and teach her how to shake hands - and the new toy Tobin is most excited about it a firetruck that talks and lights up and propels itself across the floor while shooting out colored plastic balls. I feel like that pretty much describes both of them, in a nutshell.

But now we're home for the foreseeable future, with a good balance (I hope) of excitement and quietness planned for the next week or two.

2237. Everyone's laundry done and everyone's bags packed
2238. Tobin delightedly eating meatloaf
2239. and that he can drink out of Brooklyn's Camelbak water bottle (not something we taught him...)
2240. Brooklyn gathering eggs with her Papa
2241. A Christmas-light-and-coffee date with Adam (and Tobin)
2242. Local businesses that love you back
2243. Brooklyn's (and Tobin's, but it was more of a stretch for her) grace over a houseful of people for his birthday party
2244. Thoughtful gifts, well received (you never know how a baby is going to react...)
2245. A few hours' conversation and knitting time with Morgan
2246. Trauma-free lunch and peaceful peace practicing, after a long drive home
2247. A whole year with Tobin
2248. An awesome evening Christmas service at church

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