Monday, November 23, 2015

Where Healing Begins

I have a surgical scar from where a malignant cancer was cut out of me five years ago in two weeks. You could lay me bare on an examination table and never find it, though – it’s a scar of the soul. Yet despite being outwardly invisible, I still go to great lengths to make sure it stays hidden. The shame of it haunts me, overshadowing the miracle of grace the Physician worked in making me new, and chills my heart even as, in a strange paradox, I knit hats to warm the heads of patients with physical cancer.
It was a darkness, a secret, eating me up from the inside out, finally grown to the final stages where it becomes visibly obvious to even the strangers you encounter that there is something wrong, some dark force that is slowly consuming you, and I was all but numb. But God (that really is, I think, the repeating phrase in the Bible that encourages me most)… but God, by His love and grace, made me whole and wholly His. The healing of my spirit was so extraordinary that it extended into the physical – I felt lighter, my head was clearer, my outlook changed, a song and a smile rose more readily to my lips. I stood on the brink of new life and plunged in, wildly and gloriously free for the first time in a long time. But even when I spoke of hope, contrasting it with the darkness, I never gave the darkness a name so I could speak it. It was simply Darkness...
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the journey of a tormented woman said...

Hi Sarah Jo, Thank You for having the courage to share your post "where Healing Begins" I have a similar story that God has been more like haunting me to write. I have struggle for years with trying to write it. (I'm not a writer) but still God insists. Unfortunately I have resisted being obedient for so long that I have fallen into addiction. I have prayed begged and pleaded with God to set me free but he just keeps saying (most recently thru your post) LOL that my healing and deliverance will come by writing my story. I don't know why I can't seem to get it out. I guess because I'd rather numb myself than to be brave enough to feel the pain! Anyway I just wanted you to know God spoke to me through your being brave enough to share part of your journey.

Sarah Jo Burch said...

Thank you for sharing this! I'll be praying for you <3