Thursday, November 12, 2015


I've been dragging along for awhile. There were some busy weekends without Adam, a lot of being woken up several times a night by a baby who wasn't interested in table food but whose tummy needed solid sustenance, a little bit of stress and whole lot of busyness... adding up to a weariness that permeated body and soul.

So I stumbled along in a fog, living in a sort of perpetual out-of-body experience where I watched myself make bad decisions (impatience, unreasonableness, clumsiness, mistakes...) I did what I could to recover - prioritized rest, ate well, drank lots of tea, and made sure that every day included a nice hot shower.

But as my body began to recover, I remained soul-weary. A tension gathered in my shoulders and crept up my neck, forming a headache that made cohesive thought a struggle. It lasted for days. Every remedy I tried, failed.

Finally, I crept onto the balcony with a heating pad wrapped around my shoulders and a journal in my hand after putting Brooklyn and Tobin down for their afternoon naps. I began to write the initial draft of a post, drawing inspiration from Ephesians and from a friend's book. My mind cleared, my focus intensified... and after half an hour of writing, the pain had seeped slowly down my arm, out my hand, and onto the page, leaving behind only a trace of soreness. A writer's cramp, not from writing too much, but from not writing at all for too long.

It's threatened to come back a few times since, but every time I sense it coming, I make time to sit down and write a few pages by hand - needed balm for a weary soul.

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Miranda said...

Glad you got to write!!!

#fmf friend parked at number three this week

Kadie @ 12 twenty8 said...

It's amazing how our bodies have a way of telling us what we need, if we were only to listen. Glad you have found your outlet! :)

Andrew said...

I'm so glad that the writing was therapy for you, Sarah Jo. And that the heating pad helped!

Barbara uses a heating pad filled with rice, that has to be warmed in the microwave; for her the combination of heat and weight does the trick.

#2 at FMF this wee - your neighbour!

Betsy Hart said...

writing can be so good for the soul! =)

Lynette said...

I'm so very glad that writing has given you relief. I remember those days of having little ones and being so tired. Time flies...youngest is 16 now. Now I'm weary from teenage matters. :-)

~way down at #76 this week