Thursday, November 12, 2015

Time Management

Last week I started on some simple washcloths for our Operation Christmas Child boxes. After I'd been turning out one a day for several days (long enough to realize that that was a completely manageable quota), a relative contacted me asking for ideas on things to fill gift bags for the residents at an assisted living facility, for Christmas. Being the lunatic passionate knitter that I am, I volunteered to knit washcloths for each of the 26 residents. That means, including the ones I already planned to make, that I'll be making one a day until several days into December.

So I've knitted while listening to podcasts, while waiting for my tea to steep, and while thinking over the possible answers to Bible study questions before pausing to write them down...

I've knitted while waiting for Brooklyn to methodically finish her lunch, while Tobin industriously explored unhindered, and while waiting for a song to finish before getting out of the car at the grocery store...

I've knitted while manning a table for knitting class sign-ups, while doing introductions at a newly-founded community group meeting, and occasionally actually taken a block of time during naps to sit on the balcony and just knit.

And as I knitted, I noticed something - how much time I really have, and how much time I waste. With a focused goal, my priorities shifted to reveal a bad habit. I could check Instagram... or I could knit a row. I could just stand here while Brooklyn's toast toasts... or I could knit a row. There were so many points in my day that I was making decisions I didn't even know about - decisions to squander time. So more than a knitting project, this has become a time management project - and I'm grateful for that.

2126. A surprisingly productive morning at home
2127. Brooklyn helping and singing and being her own little person
2128. Happy mail, made possible by friendship
2129. Tobin's continued interest in Cheerios
2130. (Almost) our entire small group together for our meeting
2131. A movie night in
2132. Random midweek Federal holidays
2133. Brooklyn's courage and patience, maintaining a sweet temper despite not feeling well
2134. A long talk with a friend

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