Monday, November 2, 2015

Time Flies

It is November. November, y'all. How did this happen? Tobin is almost one year old... and this past year has flown by.

A contributing factor may be that I "have my hands full," as passing strangers are fond of remarking. (Culturally, we need to come up with something else to say instead of that. I'm running out of cheerful responses.) Having had two-at-once for almost as long as I had just-one, I can say that they certainly keep me busy, but not in a bad way.

We have been more active this fall than last year - a toddler and baby is much easier to manage than a toddler-while-pregnant, at least for me. It's been nice enough the past few days for evening walks at the park (as long as we don't mind getting drizzled on the last little bit), and sundry adventures around town.

And then the rainy days have been perfect for staying cozily indoors, "playing toys and reading books," as Brooklyn says. They're both such dear little people... Brooklyn has begun expressing her own ideas, as well as repeating ours - and Tobin's personality is becoming clearer. One thing I've noticed this past week is his contentment to sit with a couple of toys for an extended period of time (not something I experienced with his sister). His concentration is adorable, as is her articulation.

We're heading into a busy holiday season - made busier with the addition of a December birthday. It's also a season of ritual and tradition, which I love, so I'm looking forward to balancing action and pause.

2093. Adam being home in the morning, and taking Brooklyn on adventures/errands
2094. Gorgeous autumn weather for an evening walk at the park
2095. and Tobin not being hurt when he bailed out of the wagon head-first
2096. A successful yarn quest (I needed a very specific color, and expected to have trouble)
2097. Actually completing several crocheted balls (for Operation Christmas Child boxes) over the course of the afternoon
2098. It only raining (a. lightly, and (b. for the last half mile of our walk
2099. A morning spent at Mugs and the library with Cathy
2100. All sleeping in (a little)
2101. An evening at home
2102. Kid-wrangling help while I did knitting class sign-ups at church
2103. Brooklyn's excitement over "singing about God" in Sunday school
2104. Experimental project success

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