Thursday, November 26, 2015

Still, Fragrant, Thankfulness

Today there was stillness. Some of it sought out (by me, in the form of reading and knitting), some of it forced (in Adam's case - he'd overdone it the day before and ended up resting most of today), and both Littles were persuaded to take naps (if not at the same time).

Today there was co-creation. Food, of course (a collective effort, made by many cooks), but also last-minute crafting, a little bit of restorative knitting, and family bonds that were forged stronger than they were before. It's a wonderful thing get a group of people who might not have chosen each other's company otherwise to sit around a table together for the mutual love of another person (or pair of people).

Today there was gratitude. For 2000+ gifts and all of the ones that I don't write down (or even, to my shame, notice) - and on this New Year of Gratitude, of sorts, I resolve to cultivate a better attitude of thankfulness before this season comes 'round again.

2171. A normal day, but with a roadtrip at the end of it
2172. Safe travels under a huge orange moon
2173. Brooklyn and Tobin going to bed gracefully once we arrived, past their bedtime
2174. Parents and in-laws that like each other
2175. Dinner without conflict (none was necessarily expected, but I realize not everyone has that)
2176. Tobin thinking sweet potatoes were amazing, and Brooklyn's patience with a houseful of people who all wanted her attention

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