Monday, November 9, 2015


It's been kind of an off week, with Adam getting home on Monday then having a three day Drill over the weekend.

I did a some much-needed cleaning (and a little gratuitous rearranging while I was at it) in Tobin's room - I had half-emptied his closet (which is all storage) onto the bed a month or two ago, and things had deteriorated since. His room gets really cold unless the door is left open, but I had to keep it closed for everyone's safety (since there were both choking and landslide hazards, besides things I just wanted left alone) so it's nice to have it all cleared out (again).

We didn't make it to the park this week - on the days that it wasn't cold or rainy, we had errands to run. Things to get, packages to mail... nothing terribly exciting or time-consuming, just a lot of little outings.

Adam's parents came over the weekend, which was a welcome help while he worked. There were many toys played with and books read, and Brooklyn discovered the delightful game of only putting things in the recycle bin for me if she could collect an audience to applaud her helpfulness.

Tobin enjoyed having an audience, as well, which kept him from getting into things as much as he sometimes does. I can't complain - for the most part, he's very content to sit with a couple of toys, with the occasional foray into forbidden territory to answer the siren call of the Brown Paper Bag Cabinet.

The highs are predicted to slip from the 70s to the 60s to the 50s this week, and I finally had to turn the heat on during the day (I made it over a week without running the air at all). It may be about time to shift our adventures from the park to an exploration of our city's many libraries (I've one in particular recommended to me, for kids) - with a cookie from Dempsey afterwards, of course.

2117. A knitting milestone reached
2118. Motivation to clean/overhaul Tobin's room - it was devolving into a storage unit
2119. Writing on the balcony, watching the fog roll by and listening to an eagle cry
2120. Adam being able to come home for dinner on a drill weekend, and that it didn't keep him late as a consequence
2121. His parents coming for the weekend - it was nice to have backup while he worked all weekend (funny how loading the dishwasher without having to extract a child midway can become a luxury...)
2122. Unexpected time to knit and practice peace
2123. The right people leaving three end seats open at church
2124. Three class sign ups while I was responding to a conviction and wasn't even manning my sign up table
2125. A community group, at the home of people who have grandkids Brooklyn and Tobin's age (and therefore a safe toy basket)

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