Thursday, November 19, 2015


Margin. The white space around the words in a book that makes it easier to read. It's also a good place for adding our thoughts to those of the original author's, for some of us (weirdly, the only book I will write in is my Bible - to the extent that Adam got me a journaling Bible with wide, lined margins after watching me struggle to fit a thought in the small space that bordered the page of my regular Bible).

Yesterday evening was our church's monthly New Community service - we sang some songs, celebrated a few baptisms, had communion together... and we were all given a pretty sheet of paper and couple of prompts, then the even greater gift of time to write out our gratitude.

Consistent gratitude is something that takes effort - intentionality - time - and margin. My slow, methodical system values a sacred space in which to ponder... and I'm grateful for a faith home that considers thankfulness (toward God and toward each other) of sufficient importance to carve out that space corporately. 

2150. Taking a coat, even though it was warm, because I ended up using it to keep Tobin dry
2151. Needed knitting time
2152. An unexpected conversation with a friend
2153. Practicing peace on the balcony, wrapped in a blanket - the cool air was head clearing
2154. Adam taking care of cleaning the living room and kitchen after I went to bed early with a headache
2155. Space for gratitude
2156. Tobin taking a good morning nap - he needed the rest, and Brooklyn and I enjoyed introverting together
2157. A library-and-cookies-afterwards day
2158. British television series - perfect for knitting

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