Monday, November 30, 2015

Jammy Day

One holiday down, two to go! Tobin enjoyed his first Thanksgiving - a table full of people to smile at is his idea of a good time, and sweet potatoes are delicious.

I'm not really a fan of Black Friday, but Tobin and I ventured forth into the rain for Plaid Friday (local businesses). My primary reason was to drop off a baby carrier at Terra Tots for Carry the Future - I love the idea of giving refugee families a way to keep their babies close and safe. I wore him as I scampered about the Square, trying to stay as dry as possible in a downpour - I can't imagine traveling a long distance through all kinds of weather while trying to carry a small child in your arms, along with anything else that you had, and possibly keeping track of other children at the same time.

We enjoyed the time spent with family - there was a lot more resting and a lot less Doing than we'd planned, since Adam sprained his back Thursday morning which pretty much put him out of commission. Sometimes we all need to be forced to slow down, though, so it ended up being kind of nice.

Now we're home for a few days, which is just as well because Brooklyn and Tobin seem to have gotten a cough and a sniffle somewhere along the way. So we'll rest and recuperate, and do laundry and return library books... and I, for one, will drink lots and lots of tea.

2177. Small business and the humans who are behind them
2178. People with a heart to help Syrian refugees, recognizing them as fellow parents, just trying to take care of their families
2179. Unexpectedly encountering a friend
2180. Meeting Adam's parents and brother/sister-in-law/niece for lunch on our way out of town, especially since we didn't really see them the rest of our visit like we'd planned
2181. Brooklyn and Tobin napping for part of the return journey
2182. Coming home on Saturday, so we had a day of rest before starting in on another busy week
2183. Being here for the last sermon in the Ephesians series
2184. All the grocery shopping for the week taken care of - and Tobin thinking umbrellas are hilarious
2185. Brooklyn coming and asking for nose wipes nicely, instead of having to be chased down

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