Tuesday, November 10, 2015


Last May, I decided to tackle our bedroom - it's the only non-child-proofed room in the apartment, which meant that it was mostly a catch-all for dangerous, unstable, and delicate things. Which, while functional, does not make make for a very inviting or relaxing atmosphere. So I rearranged furniture and purged things that did not bring joy, and got it to a decent state of Clean Slate.

We already had a comforter I liked, that we got when we moved in (to replace Adam's that we were using, which he'd had for I-don't-know-how-long), so that gave me a starting point for sprucing things up.

For my birthday in June, Mum had this photo, which I took from the 13th floor window of the lower Manhattan office building I worked in the summer I spent in New York, made into a 3' by 4' engineer print...

Isn't it cool?!

...and I hung it up at the foot of our bed. I love the idea of decorating with black and white photos of places, but I decided that it would be more significant if I used photos of places that were important to us (preferably ones that one of us had taken), instead of choosing a random location.

During my chalkboard paint spree, I painted the letters L, O, V, and E and then wrote the lyrics to Top of the World by the Carpenters (which was playing on a near-by carousel when Adam proposed) around the edge and hung them in the odd little hallway that goes past our closet and into our room.

To break up all of the black and white, and to tie in the comforter, I found green black out curtains - which, besides looking better than the towels Adam had clothespinned up so we could watch a movie on a projector, also made the room look more like a Room.

And then I saved my pennies and bought a whole bunch of yarn, and started working on the final project - a felt headboard. It was huge. 100 stitches in every row (it was about 3 feet wide) and then I kept going until it was about 5 feet long. It took months and felt like it took longer...

...but I finally finished it, committed it to the washing machine (with a prayer) for felting, dried it on the floor on a couple of towels, and hung it up on a curtain rod and a package of shower curtain rings. I had to reclean our room after I put it up, because it had taken me so long that everything had kind of deteriorated, but it was a good feeling to stand back and really look at it, since I'd spent so long hunched over small sections of it. It will be easy to move, when we move, it will go with any accent color I choose (should green ever begin to wear on our senses), and if we ever get a platform bed like I'd like to, we can still use it.

More black and white photos - one from Northwest Arkansas and one from Little Rock, under my LOVE letters

Our grown-up room needed one final improvement: a new mattress. Ours was about 13 years old and had been loved to death, and it was time to let it go. To learn what that little (19" x 19" x 44") box has to do with a mattress, head over to Stacey's blog...

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