Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Sip, Slurp

This is day 21 in my 31 Days series on sustainable dwelling. For an introduction and more posts, head here!

Adam taught Brooklyn how to drink from a straw when she was about 9 months old. As a result, she's never really done sippy cups, which is great at restaurants, but a little more trouble at home when she insists on having a straw for her almond milk every morning and can't use the paper ones that I prefer.

Fortunately, there's a lovely local soda fountain that carries reusable aluminum straws (at a very reasonable price) and Brooklyn is very excited about her special silver straws.

Last week was such a contrast of temperatures (yay Fall). On Wednesday, it was 90 degrees and my limeade melted on the way home (it's sad to buy straws and not get a drink)...

...and then by the weekend it had dropped to high  60s/low 70s and we made our way across the breezy parking lot to Mugs as quickly as possible. There was a huge line (I guess I wasn't the only cold person in need of breakfast and coffee), but that just gave us more time to warm up. {Also, this month's Fair Trade Friday earrings-of-the-month came just in time to brighten a grey day - dear little fabric twists from Clothed in Hope that may be my favorite pair yet!

I've been fending off the cold (and a cold) with many, many cups of tea - which means enjoying my (somewhat extensive) mug collection. Adam proposed a "one mug a day rule" after finding the top rack of the dishwasher filled with nothing but mugs, while the bottom was practically empty. I stared at him, then cited Surprised by Oxford, which I'd just finished reading - "I'm very particular about mugs: I can taste how it influences my drink." Which reminds me - I need to run the dishwasher, as I'm out of mugs again.

Reuseable straws, hometown drink stops, fair trade teas, and local mugs - there are so many ways to sip sustainably!

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