Friday, October 30, 2015


This is day 30 in my 31 Days series on sustainable dwelling. For an introduction and more posts, head here!

We dropped Adam off at church yesterday afternoon to be bussed out to the middle of nowhere for a men's retreat, and we won't pick him up until Monday - and as much as I'll miss him, the introverted part of me is completely ok with that. His phone was confiscated shortly after he arrived, so there won't even be a nightly call to wait around for (but that won't stop me from making sure that he has lots and lots of messages and pictures waiting for him when he turns it back on ;)

Fabulous tote bag from Mercy House

I've felt worn lately - like butter scraped over too much bread, to borrow a phrase from my favorite hobbit. It's had a really negative effect on my mood and cognitive functionality, and I'd really like to get past that. It may seem paradoxical, but a few days where I am free to do as I choose after Littles go to bed is a pleasant (and needed) reminder that if I step out from under the world, it isn't going to fall down (evenings are my biggest struggle - partly because I "save" things that I'd like to do, and then lack the brain cells to do them once everything else has been done).

We kicked off our we-three weekend with a walk at the nearest city park - the fresh air was nice (Tobin's daring escape from the wagon, less so...) and we collected leaves and petted dogs and just generally breathed.

So I'm plotting a retreat of my own. There's chicken in the crockpot for chicken noodle soup, which should more than feed us for the weekend. I have just about the right amount of Harry Potter movies to catch up on (I'm reading the books, then watching the movies, one by one) to also finish the knitted headboard I started months ago. There are a few letters that need to be written, a sermon podcast to listen to, and Bible study homework to complete. We also have a new mattress that I'd like to ensure gets adequately tested each night. ;)

In keeping with the "retreat" spirit, I've made an itinerary of sorts - not so much a bossy to-do list, but a way to keep myself accountable to actually prioritizing the life-giving things. Read. Journal. Drink tea. Write letters. Knit. Shower daily (why does that have to go on the luxury list?!) I still have to do things like laundry and emptying/loading the dishwasher, but I want to make sure that the Pressing Needs don't consume all of my time.

Topping the list today (right before "vegan butter and paper towels") is knitting. I need to visit my new favorite local yarn store to get a quote for someone, and I think I'll get a little bit of yarn for myself to play with, as well - I'll need a quick project once I finish this headboard, and I picked up a couple of Operation Christmas Child boxes that need filled with a little handmade love...

This month has flown by, and I've loved sharing my passion for all things local and fair trade with you - tomorrow I'll post a conclusion. Until then, I'll be out enjoying my city, and hoping that you're enjoying yours!

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