Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Ordinary Days

This is day 28 in my 31 Days series on sustainable dwelling. For an introduction and more posts, head here!

Punjammies from Sudara come in a matching bag - which I use for knitting. Because why not?

I had grand plans for today's post... we ordered a mattress from Tuft and Needle (ethical and didn't-require-mattress-shopping-with-a-toddler-and-a-baby - also, our old mattress is Adam's from when he was a teenager so it's high time we got a new one) and it was originally supposed to arrive yesterday. But it just arrived today, and I barely dragged the box clear of the doorway, so that'll be a post for another day.

Mug by Little Inklings Design - flashcards by Gingiber

Then I had the grand idea to write this post after everyone went to bed last night (because I've been so consistent about having my posts written at least the day before this whole challenge) and ended up curled up on the couch being poked awake by Adam and told to come to bed at 10pm - because apparently the inexplicable panic attack that caused me to sit down at 7:30 turned into a nap.

So here I am today, schlepping around the apartment (aka "testing new jammie bottoms"), nearing the bind-off of the felt headboard I'm knitting, and trying to gather the motivation to clean our bedroom, since I'd like to take pictures of the unboxing process for the mattress (it came vacuum sealed in a not-very-big box, so I can see it being entertaining) and it would be nice if there weren't piles of laundry on the floor in the background.

Sometimes upcycling works out - the shop emblem on this bag fell in a perfect place to compliment the address, when I folded it into a mailing envelope.

I've almost used up my writing tablet from Shindig Paperie - good thing Moxy carries them, too!

Some days are like that (ok, a lot of days are like that...) Not very Pinterest-y, not very Instagrammable, just a lot of Life and not much Adventure. But tea and toys, reading books and writing letters, naps and snuggles - those are real and important intermissions between the more interesting interludes.

Taking a Sabbath interlude today - and hoping the next three days make for a more riveting read!

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