Friday, October 23, 2015


This is day 23 in my 31 Days series on sustainable dwelling. For an introduction and more posts, head here!

We all have our own culture - that group of people we feel most comfortable with, even if we haven't defined the particular traits that make them the homiest to be around.

I love the knitters, of course - but also the artists, artisans, and small business owners; all of the passionate fringe-dwellers who care about what they do so much that they're going to keep doing it whether or not they're getting paid for it (which is part of what makes the shop owners so refreshing, and refreshed). People who have a barely bridled enthusiasm about something (even if it's not My Thing), who try to keep it together at parties, but who become a teetering human Jenga tower the instant someone expresses interest.

They may stand out in a crowd, because of their outward style, or outgoing personality - or they may melt into the wallpaper, utterly engrossed in their own thoughts, ideas, and dreams. I alternate between the two, and adore both traits in others.

The spark of creativity is contagious, and strengthens nearby flames, even when all are burning different colors and for different purposes - and when the flickers join (even for a moment) into a glorious bonfire, light calling out light, shedding more brilliance and inspiration as a collective than they ever could as individuals, then I am lit with joy.

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Tammy Belau said...

this was such fluid poetry that I had to go back and re-read it about three times and I still don't think I could take it all in. Beautiful writing. You brought joy with your nimble fingers tonight. :)
#5 this week

Andrew said...

I agree with Tammy; this was sheer poetry.

It made me remember days long past, when the world was open, and death was not ever at my elbow. Thank you for that, Sarah Jo.

#1 at FMF this week.

blestbutstrest said...

:) May we all develop an area of pure joy in our talents, interests and calling that lights us from the inside out and draws people to us!

Karrilee Aggett said...

"I am lit with joy." Gah... sheer beauty! Love it!