Monday, October 19, 2015

In Short

This is day 19 in my 31 Days series on sustainable dwelling. For an introduction and more posts, head here!

This hasn't been the best week for adventures - there have been lots of jammy days, and lots of stuffy noses (I shouldn't complain - last year during 31 Days we all got a stomach bug...)

We had one jammy day to recover from our warm adventures at the Fair - and then one because the temperature dropped 20 degrees overnight and we didn't have any appropriate clothing. So I braved baby clothes shopping by myself with Brooklyn and Tobin (it helped that Brooklyn found her winter coat herself - pink and fluffy, and she picked it up and hugged it and looked up at me like it was a stray kitten she wanted to bring home, then happily carried it around the store). And I finally admitted that at least one sock in every pair I own now has a hole in it, and that ankle socks aren't really designed to be worn with boots, anyway {yay, Pact!}

Properly clad {love this Boba hoodie from Terra Tots - it goes over Tobin/the Boba carrier, and keeps us both warm!} we did venture out on Saturday, but only briefly before the sniffles drove us back in.

So we'll spend the next few days (hopefully) recovering - we've got a trip to Fayetteville planned later this week (Adam needs to go for work, and we get to come!) and it would be nice to feel like a little local love while we're there!

Because I'm going through my stash at an incredible rate - what's your favorite hot tea for comforting a cold?

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