Monday, October 26, 2015

Feet That Wandering Have Gone

This is day 26 in my 31 Days series on sustainable dwelling. For an introduction and more posts, head here!

Another month gone, and only two more until he's one. How did this happen?! His first year seems to be going by much more quickly than Brooklyn's (perhaps because she had more of my focus, whereas my attention is divided now...)

He definitely enjoyed getting a little undivided attention during our trip to Fayetteville over the weekend. And being given toys by people who didn't immediately take them back.

I got an adorable set of number flashcards at a Gingiber trunk show at The Anchor on Saturday (gotta share my local love with the Littles) - primarily for Brooklyn, because Tobin tends to eat things like that, but I'm sure she'll take it upon herself to teach him, since she was using a little beach ball the other day to teach him colors. "This the orange side, Todin. And this the green side. And this..." 

I also snagged a dear pair of foxy studs from Inkstand Studio, who was the second part of the trunk show, for myself. Because Tobin does grab at my dangly earrings sometimes, so I needed some more baby-safe ones. ;)

She's gotten to have a few new experiences of her own. Among other things, she got the fun of talking on a corded wall phone - my Dad called their home phone from his cell and let her answer it. She was extremely pleased to talk to him while he stood there, and kept talking once he left the room, so I think she has a better understanding of how phones work now. It's interesting, the way things change - my "old phone" experience was with a rotary dial one my grandparents had in their garage.

It was lovely cool weather for walking about (I love fall). Tobin and I got to walk around campus to meet a friend and I parked a deliberately long way away. Fayetteville has lots of good walkable places - that's one thing that I love about it, and that I miss. But, we just got a collapseable wagon that will hopefully fit in my tiny car better than the stroller does (and by "better" I mean "at all"), so hopefully we-three can do a little more trailing around Little Rock, since I won't be running the risk of being stuck wearing Tobin while carrying Brooklyn, a long way away from where we're parked.

We had a lovely visit, but we're home now - Tobin crept about and lovingly mouthed all of his possessions, and Brooklyn promptly made me a cup of "tea" and put her doll to bed. It's going to be so fun when she's old enough to have parties with real tea...

Less than a week left in the 31 Days challenge - thankfully, I gathered lots of material over the weekend. :)

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