Friday, October 2, 2015


This is day 2 in my 31 Days series on sustainable dwelling. For an introduction and more posts, head here!

I touched on it yesterday - how relationships have to be at the heart of any project. Because it's hard (not to mention less than fun) to stick with something (a lifestyle, a habit, a diet...) when the rest of your household is against you, no matter how well-intentioned you may be.

Ideals are wonderful things - as long as everyone shares them. I don't want any project of mine to be the cause of eye-rolling, hurt feelings, or journaling exercises assigned by a therapist later in life. So I strive to make it fun - and not to force it on anyone. Brooklyn and Tobin don't really have a choice in whether or not to participate in my shenanigans at this point, but I'd love for them to derive such enjoyment from it (and to see me enjoying it, and not being nagging or bitter) that it becomes a choice they'll gladly make when they're old enough to make it.

For example, there's a food truck rally tomorrow that I'm really looking forward to (watch for a post later :) but I didn't suggest it until I checked the list of vendors to make sure that everyone could {happily} eat (Adam is less willing to sacrifice familiarity for adventure than I am ;) In the end, the only person whose actions I control is my own, so if I'm doing something with a group or given a gift or done a service that doesn't match the parameters I've set for myself, I'm going to accept it gracefully and gratefully.

Because relationships are - family is - more important. If I'm feeling convicted, I can pray for shared vision, and I can enthuse in the hope that it may rub off a little, but if I want a lasting {positive} effect, it's going to have be voluntary. (But that's not going to stop me from subversive tactics - as proven by a toddler who already loves "puckin patches," squeals excitedly over farmer's markets, and is known by name by multiple local business owners ;)

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Andrew said...

You're so right about the importance of good relationship!

It's something I didn't have when I was growing up. I got used to not really caring if I had support in what I was doing or not, and that's not a very satisfying way to live.

Here from FMF, #2 this week.

syndalleigh said...

Yes! Lasting impact has to be voluntary. So wise!~

Holly Barrett said...

Families are important...and choosing people over our own preferences is a wonderful gift to give those we love!

Tiffany Parry said...

Family is important. Love how you've depicted that balance between wanting them to come along, making sure they have what they need, but then accepting the outcome with grace. That's the family dance for sure. Glad I stopped by from FMF today!

Amy M said...

So true! Balancing the needs and personalities of everyone within a family can make for quite a dance, and it's so fun when everything gels and we can get everyone on board for an adventure.