Monday, October 5, 2015

Big and Little

This is day 5 in my 31 Days series on sustainable dwelling. For an introduction and more posts, head here!

As we get out and love the city (and try to make ethical buying choices), both Littles continue to grow. Last week, Tobin had to hang on with both hands - this week, he can hang on with one and let go for a few seconds once. He wants to walk so badly - it wouldn't surprise me if he does before his birthday.

Thankfully, he still enjoys being worn, which makes outings much easier. Adam wore him to a food truck rally on Saturday and he peeped politely over the edge at everyone (until Adam got his etouffee, at which point he tried very hard to climb out and get it).

And I wore him to the Museum of Discovery one day last week. Brooklyn needed to get out, and I don't like that playgrounds around here aren't fenced (I recognize that it's not as aesthetically pleasing, but with no fence that means I have to stay really close to make sure she doesn't make a break for it). They have a 6-and-under room with books and puzzles and a slide and tiny cabin with a play kitchen and a stage with dress up clothes and a miniature lighthouse with stairs (she needed a way to practice going down stairs, in a safe context, anyway), and we have a membership (best investment ever) so if she wants to spend 30 minutes carry a toy fish up stairs and down slides, she can.

Not that they don't both get out sometimes. We managed our weekly library trip last week - we'd missed the week before, because we bought a book, instead, and the week before that we returned books but didn't get new ones because we were leaving town for a few days. The library we frequent isn't the closest one, but it's still in our system - I have lots of happy library memories (including volunteering and then working at one) that I'd love to pass on to Brooklyn and Tobin. Plus, lending rather than buying is the ultimate in counter-consumerism.

It's great to see how Tobin's developing and progressing - he's finally stable enough at sitting-up that he was able to ride in the "car" cart with Brooklyn at the grocery store, much to her delight. I wondered if he would get tired of it after a few minutes, but the fact that he had a steering wheel and was sitting next to his sister proved sufficiently engaging for the entire trip.

It's felt a lot more like fall these past few days - we've had doors and windows open, and it's made outdoor adventures involving parking not-near where we're going (which is a sad fact of city living, when you avoid parallel parking at all costs) a lot more attractive. I'm looking forward to more exploring with them this week!

Local living may not require a huge overturning of your normal - parks, museums, and libraries may already be a part of your routine (and if they're not, I highly recommend them!)

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