Thursday, October 1, 2015

Better Together

This is day 1 in my 31 Days series on sustainable dwelling. For an introduction and more posts, head here!

The weekly reckoning...
1991. Adam being able to come home for a few hours before leaving town
1992. and giving part of that time to me, in the form of lunch out alone (something that I definitely valued)
1993. A productive and efficient evening, and going to bed early
1994. Finding a local pumpkin patch to explore with Brooklyn and Tobin
1995. Happy childhood memories that I'd like to share with them, and with Adam - I realize that's something that not everyone has
1996. A friend from Fayetteville coming down for the weekend - on a weekend that Adam was out of town for work
1997. Help getting everyone ready for/to church
1998. After-church lunchtime conversation
1999. My amazing photographer husband
2000! The opportunity to do what I love, with people I like (and get paid for it)
2001. A short day, with lots of resting
2002. The way Adam jumps in to the middle of whatever's going on when he gets home
2003. An awesome morning studying Ephesians with a lovely group of ladies
2004. Brooklyn and Tobin riding in the "car" cart together at the grocery store - it's the first time he's been balancey enough to sit in one
2005. That there's more than one kind of everything, even pumpkins - our Creator is so creative!
2006. Discovering Brooklyn's new-found climbing ability before she tested it on anything less stable than her changing table
2007. A date night in
2008. Four years with an awesome guy, and the hope of many more years to come

Today/yesterday marks our fourth anniversary - four years ago yesterday, we signed a contract and turned it in to the courthouse in Annapolis. and four years ago today our family gathered around us and we made promises before God.

Because we've grown and changed (emotionally, spiritually, and physically - my ring didn't fit anymore), we got new rings this year and reminded each other of those promises as we exchanged them. I'm glad of the growth and the change - good things, and markers we can look back on as we go forward, because sometimes the path stretches out so long that you can't tell if you're making any progress.

Before we can start trying to live in an outwardly sustainable way, we have to focus that same effort inward, as well. We have to seek constant renewal - to walk around corners, hand in hand, with a sense of wonder rather than dread - to prioritize relationships over stuff - to find so great a joy in the journey that we're willing to take the long way 'round, instead of rushing from point A to point B with such determination that we not only fail to stop and smell the roses, but trample them, instead.

Adventures are always better with a friend - and I'm looking forward to jumping into this month next to my best friend, making memories and forming new traditions that we can share with each other and with our two Minis.

Sustainable dwelling really does begin in the heart - with a grateful attitude and a love of adventure.

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