Saturday, October 10, 2015

Al Fresco

This is day 10 in my 31 Days series on sustainable dwelling. For an introduction and more posts, head here!

I love the way that Facebook lets you know when people you're friends with RSVP to events. I noticed a couple of people who said they were going to the "Main Street Food Truck Festival" and promptly clicked to see what it was. Something that I wanted to go to, is what. Dietary restrictions (no gluten for me, no dairy for Brooklyn) keep us from exploring a lot of local places, but with over 45 options, there had to be something that we could eat.

And there was. Our favorite paleo truck was one of the first that we passed so Brooklyn and I stopped for tacos while Adam and Tobin walked on until he was lured in by the scent of Cajun (something that he really likes but doesn't get often). As we walked along the row later, I noticed several other places that were also options for us dietarily-restricted people (mostly desserts, but hey, I'm not complaining about that!)

It was a well-organized event, with streets blocked off to allow a free flow of foot traffic and little seating areas every block or so. We found a spot between a very enthusiastic DJ and a performance artist who was dancing with hula hoops (it was lovely and intriguing - if I'd known that was a thing when I was a child, I would have wanted to do it. What am I saying? I still want to!)

The general recommendation (as I was doing my preliminary research, before suggesting it to Adam) was to arrive early, since they had about ten thousand people last year over the course of the 5 hour event. It was a good recommendation. We got there just as it was starting and waited in minimal lines without worrying about them being out of what we wanted - including the cotton candy that we trekked to the far end in quest of (I love cotton candy - blue in particular - but hadn't had any in years).

The weather was perfect for walking (we parked a good distance away, rather than fight the traffic and crowds as we got closer) and we encountered a few people that we knew (including our downstairs neighbors, who we had also stopped to chat with as we were leaving home). I love those days that are just cool enough to be invigorating, without being miserable. There was also a good balance of sun and shade, with enough tall buildings to {mostly} block the wind.

Between the trucks and the vendors and weather and the spending-time-together, I think we all had a spectacular time. It's definitely something we'll want to check out next year, if we're still here and they still have it! (Which they should - it was packed when we left, so hopefully everyone felt warmly welcomed!)

The media (social or otherwise) is a great way to find out about local events - just keep your ears and eyes open for things that might interest you!

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