Saturday, October 17, 2015

A Great State Fair

This is day 17 in my 31 Days series on sustainable dwelling. For an introduction and more posts, head here!

I love the little holidays - the random Mondays throughout the year the the federal government has decided are worth not spending at work (for years, I saw it as the Day You Don't Get Mail - with Adam's military job, they're Days To Look Forward To). This past Monday was Columbus Day/get-in-free-at-the-State-Fair-if-you-go-in-the-morning, so we packed up and went.

It's the first time we've gone to anything like this as a family - Adam had to work at the fair last year, but he stayed at his booth in the Hall of Industry, and Brooklyn and I came to visit him but only made a brief pass around the rest of the fair (she couldn't walk very well and I was pregnant with Tobin, so I wasn't really up to carrying her very far).

We took advantage of the convenient cotton candy vendor, and stopped by the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission's big fish tank where Brooklyn pressed her face to the glass and stared into the eyes of a catfish that was bigger than she was. I wore Tobin and he peered over the edge of the Boba at all of the people and things and funny smells.

Brooklyn got to get into a pen and stroke a tiny piglet (they didn't like to be picked up, but she was too small to reach over), we fed a few farm animals, and I aw'd over the rabbits and dreamed of someday owning a few angoras. In need of air conditioning (and because I wanted to see if I recognized anyone's work) we stopped by the arts and crafts building to admire all the handiwork.

It's not a very big or a very grand state fair - at some point, I'd like us to go to the Texas State Fair, which I've been to once - but this year it was the perfect size for our little family with two little persons that got hot and hungry and tired after about an hour. I'm glad that we have smaller-scale adventures for them now - that can grow as they do!

Local events can often be tailored to suit the needs of your family, whatever stage you're at - single, married, little kids, big kids, empty nester... if you're willing to look, there's almost always something for everyone!

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