Sunday, September 13, 2015

Sugar and Spice

Tobin's mobility took a sudden leap over the past few weeks - he still thinks that sitting up is completely pointless and refuses to even try, but his crawling speed has improved and he can confidently pull up and stand next to things. During church on Sunday, he repeatedly escaped to far corners of the room whenever he was put down momentarily.

Brooklyn has been Peopling adorably. She calls Mimi and Papa, and Cici and Papa Alan, and Aunt-Kaytie-Uncle-Robert-Hannah on her toy phone, helps me with Tobin (bringing fresh diapers, throwing the dirty ones away, trading him toys that he can't have for toys that he can...), and takes very good care of her doll - Brianna gets read to, buckled into Tobin's car seat, worn, put to bed, and carried around and shown things.

Between the stomach bug and the round of sniffles a week later, we've still managed quite a few adventures. Walks and Farmers Marketing and a visit from Adam's parents... We're soaking up the last bit of summer and relishing the cooler hints of fall.

Brooklyn keeps getting sweeter, and Tobin keeps getting more 'venturesome - it's so fun to see the ways that they're different! It's also a joy to see how they play together, Tobin scrambling to be a part of whatever she's doing, Brooklyn rushing to console him when his adventures end in a bumped head... even with the occasional dispute, there's still a lot about grace that I can learn from them!

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