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Last week's gifts...
1931. Parody poetry
1932. Tea - beautiful tea
1933. A kidless coffee date - an unexpected and very pleasant surprise!
1934. An enjoyable visit with Adam's parents
1935. Getting to share a restaurant we love with people we love
1936. Board games with more than two people
1937. Tobin blowing fierceberries
1938. Confirmation that I'm headed the right direction
1939. Encouragement to use my passion in a new way
1940. The chance to collaborate with other small business owners for refugee relief
1941. Left overs to eat and not having to leave the apartment for a whole day (it was a long long weekend)
1942. Moving the couch and discovering later that it's now in the Morning Sunny Spot
1943. A pause in the rain, long enough for errands
1944. The cool front that brought the rain
1945. Sale chocolate and a new magazine in the mail
1946. An inspiring and productive meeting at church
1947. Aligned naps, so that I had a good block of solitude in the middle of the day
1948. Seeing things and know what the French word for them is
1949. The "1000 books before kindergarten" program at the library
1950. Gluten free, dairy free, nut free, mocha macarons
1951. The power of prayer

Humanity is a pretty diverse bunch. We look different, we sound different, we think differently from each other, we have different gifts and talents - and this is as it should be. We're masterpieces painted by an infinitely creative God, and the One who bothers to make each and every snowflake different pours that same attention to detail and uniqueness into each of us.

We do have some things in common, though - a heirarchy of common needs: food, water, shelter, security, love, respect, the ability to pursue our passions... though we don't all have all of those things, we're definitely all searching for them (some more desperately than others).

But there's one more area in which we're all the same. "All have sinned and fall short of the glory of God..." {That's Romans 3:23} We struggle to remember that sometimes - pitting our differences against each other, using basic needs as weapons instead of tools, creating and encouraging imbalances (sometimes without meaning to). But there's hope, too, since that's not a very hopeful commonality: "..and [all] are justified by His grace as a gift, through the redemption that is in Christ Jesus." {That's Romans 3:24}

Above our need for food comes our need for the Bread of Life. Above our need for water comes our need for Living Water. Above our need for shelter comes our need to be saved. Above our need for temporal security comes our need for faith in His unchanging faithfulness. Above our need for human love comes our need for a Love that's eternal and unconditional. And above our need to pursue our passions comes our need to pursue the One who put that passion in us. In this, we are all the same.

Blending One Thousand Gifts with Five Minute Friday - each week, a flashmob ofbloggers gather, internet-wide, to write for five minutes (no stopping, no editing) on a prompt provided by sweet Kate, then link up and share a little comment love. For more info, more posts, and/or to join in, head here!
For a few immediate ways to help the refugees who inspired this post, head to Kate's blog or Ann's blog.


Andrea said…
Visiting from Five Minute Friday - Above our need for food comes our need for the Bread of Life. Above our need for water comes our need for Living Water. I loved these lines. What a great post!
Tara Ulrich said…
Yes we all have sinned and fall short. Such a great post! Visiting from FMF where I'm parked in the #9 spot.

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