Thursday, September 3, 2015

Outgoing and Incoming

We had an eventful (and exhausting, but in a good way) long weekend. Tobin exercised lots of patience and sweet sociability, but spent a lot of time in a carseat or the Boba so he didn't really get to do much.

Adam had Thursday through Monday off, so we were able to take him with us on our weekly library adventure (with cookies afterwards). It was nice to share it with him, and since he was there I was able to look around a little more than I've been able to up to this point and rediscovered some childhood favorites (that I shamelessly checked out for my own enjoyment).

Friday and Saturday were wholly occupied with a rehearsal and a wedding. My Mum came down to stay with Brooklyn, while Adam and Tobin accompanied me to Hot Springs (about an hour away) since I'm the Food Source and all. They went for drives and hikes and had their own adventures while I hung out with 4 other bridesmaids and the adorable bride for two days. It was gloriously exhausting, and I am so happy for Morgan and Jon - their wedding was the most Gospel demonstration I have ever had the honor to witness, and I'm confident that their life together will continue to bring Him glory.

The "Village" at Heifer International's Little Rock headquarters

Sunday and Monday were spent in recovery. Naps, church, naps, a brief amble at the park... did I mention naps? Adam, bless his dear, sweet heart, actually made me breakfast in bed on Monday morning (extroverting is a little hard on this introvert - but I was commended for my success, so it was all worth it).

Aren't they adorable? They're Baby's Britches from Leigh Radford's book One More Skein (yes, I followed someone else's pattern, for once). I had lots of knitting time, with driving to and from Hot Springs. :)

So now we have a few normal days before a seriously abnormal month (what with Federal holidays, a planned trip to Fayetteville, an off Drill weekend, work-related travel, and a Bible study I'm helping with starting at church...) There really are no ordinary days...

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