Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Joie de Vivre

Tobin has finally begun perfecting Sitting Up (a welcome development - he utterly refused up to this point), and with it has expressed a little more interest in food, which is also exciting. He's not super-excited about eating, but he at least accepts a few bites before fending them off with indignation and little karate-motions.

He got to show off for great/grandparents over a long weekend in Fayetteville. It had been awhile - the last time we visited, he couldn't even crawl and could be safely put down and walked away from. This time he industriously explored everything.

Brooklyn got to do some exploring, as well - swinging and sliding and chasing chickens. They outmaneuvered her but my Dad kindly captured one for her to pet. They're very sweet Buff Orpingtons - and she got to actually hear a rooster crow, which was initially startling but ultimately magical.

They also got to experience a campfire and in Brooklyn's case, marshmallows, for the first time. We haven't been in town for the annual cookout at my parents' little country church for several years, but we were glad to make it to this one. It was nice to catch up with old friends, to watch Brooklyn run around in the grass, and see Tobin's delight at being handed around and made much of.

All together it was a nice weekend of visiting with friends and family (and local shop owners...) The reason for our visit was Adam's birthday, which wasn't until Tuesday, but we extended the celebration to the actual day with a spontaneous lunch date after my women's Bible study meeting that morning.

Today we reveled in the advent of fall, spending the morning peacefully at home and the afternoon venturing forth for cookies and a book to keep (instead of library books, which always have to be returned. I thought it was about time for a keeper). The highs are still in the 80s and 90s, but the cooler weather is coming --- I'm thinking Brooklyn's first pumpkin patch may be in order for the upcoming weekend...

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