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This week's gifts...
1814. Trauma-free errands, after a rough start to our morning
1815. Finding a cute planner that will hopefully inspire me to keep up with our schedule
1816. Getting a huge (and hugely overdue) project finished and off my conscience
1817. Brooklyn following Tobin around and trading him things he could have for things he couldn't
1818. Writing inspiration, and solitary time in which to write
1819. Coloring books for grownups and a set of fine-point Sharpies - oddly cathartic
1820.The fish not being super-upset about having his tank cleaned
1821. Catching up on letter writing
1822. Brooklyn and Tobin both going to bed at 7
1823. A jammy day with evening errands
1824. Rearranging Brooklyn's toys so that the special ones stay special and the community ones are within Tobin's reach
1825. A theory and the time to process it
1826. All the grocery shopping for the week over with on the weekend (hurrah for future jammy days!)
1827. Brooklyn consoling Tobin when he bumped his head
1828. Adam home from Drill before Brooklyn was in bed (a rarity)

Right now, Tobin is trying to crawl. He does the worm across the floor in the direction of whatever he wants - and he [usually] gets there [eventually]. Because he has a couple of teeth now, I've been trying to get him to eat solids, with dubious success (he's more interested in Brooklyn's books).

Brooklyn's been trying to teach him the alphabet, and then trying to keep him from eating the flashcards. I've been trying to help her remember to move things out of his reach once she's finished with them, and keep her from arbitrarily deciding that something is her's while he's playing with it.

In the midst of all that trying, mixed with a decent amount of failing, I struggle to remember what I tell Brooklyn when we're tossing beanbags into a bucket: when you miss, it just means you get to try again. There's a reason we "practice peace" instead of "being patient" - because patience is an ongoing process. And sometimes I'm so focused on the effort needed to get the figurative beanbag in the bucket that I forget to have fun with the giggling toddler who's fetching the ones that are scattered across the floor. When you miss, it just means you get to try again is a simple way to explain grace to a little one - and sometimes, to myself.

Blending One Thousand Gifts with Five Minute Friday - a weekly flashmob of bloggers, internet-wide, who gather to write for five minutes (no stopping, no editing) on a prompt provided by sweet Kate, then link up and share a little comment love. For more info, more posts, and/or to join in, head here!


Tara Ulrich said…
Sarah, we all need that reminder and I love how you explain it. Indeed we just get to try again. Visiting from FMF where I'm parked in the #11 spot this week.
Measi said…
I think toddlers (and infants) are reminders to adult parents that it's okay to make mistakes. We learn through trying and do-overs. :)

(and if you like hard copy planners, check out DIYFish on Etsy... she has a very simple but flexible system I find easy to adapt to my full time mom/full time work environment).

Happy (belated) Friday...
Denise said…
glad you shared.

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