Monday, August 24, 2015


I spent all week trying and failing to get a picture of Tobin's adorable new snaggle-toothed smile (two teeth on the bottom, one on the top). Toothless smiles are my favorite - but this one's pretty cute. Unfortunately, the acquisition of teeth hasn't made him any more interested in solid food yet, but I'm still trying.

He can sit up on his knees and hang onto something with one hand while reaching/rummaging with the other one - he's determined to get to the bottom of his sister's toy bin, but thankfully he's fairly easy to distract and redirect. It helps that he tends to blow fierce raspberries while he's doing things he shouldn't, telling on himself so that we can come and intervene.

Brooklyn very patiently instructs him in all of the things she thinks are important. She's demonstrated How To Buckle Buckles, How To Pray, and How To Hold A Book Properly - the latter didn't go so well (he tried to eat it, instead) so now she just reads them to him. She's also wholly embraced the concept of the library, of keeping books for a week then taking them back and exchanging them for different ones, and has started bringing them to me after a few days asking, "Fresh books?"

She wanted to share her guacamole with Tobin - he tolerated it, better than he has a lot of things, but didn't ask for more

The cooler weather trend has continued all week, so we've been able to spend more time out and about, and just outside in general. It's actually rained quite a bit, but we need it so no complaints there. The shade and cool wind that come with the storms are gloriously refreshing, and I really like being able to get from the car to the grocery store without dripping sweat by the time I get inside.

This week starts with a few normal days before a long weekend and a friend's wedding. So many adventures to be had! And so much more enjoyable now that there's a hint of fall on the breeze...

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