Monday, August 17, 2015

Moving Along

Tobin has been making great strides (ha, ha) in his crawling ability this week. Since he's getting a little faster, Brooklyn has been teaching him how to play hide and seek - she runs out of sight around a corner and calls, "Where's Todin?" then waits for him to come, panting and squealing, into sight. They're both adorably overjoyed to see each other.

He still can't sit up, but I've been catching him trying to climb (usually in order to reach Brooklyn, who likes to sit on the coffee table so that she can read a book in peace). It took me a few seconds to process what I was seeing the first time (That person is too small to be Brooklyn, but can't possibly be Tobin...) and I've been watching him closely to make sure he doesn't succeed (or at least, get high enough that he'll hurt himself tumbling down, since he's still pretty unstable).

We went to our little nearby library a few months ago but haven't gone back - it's a dear place, but not very toddler-friendly in their setup. So last week we tried another one, a little further away but also small, and all had a grand time. We checked out a small stack of books (which Brooklyn already has half-memorized) and I think we've found a favorite library.

Over the weekend, Adam and I went to a marriage conference that the military put on (thankfully this one was local and went much more smoothly than the last one we tried to attend). Brooklyn and Tobin were very brave in childcare (it helped that we came home for afternoon naps on Saturday, and that they were together so Brooklyn could console Tobin), and Adam and I enjoyed the sessions and the discussion afterwards, and getting to eat a meal out together just-us-two for the first time since before Tobin was born.

So this is a slow recovery week, with plenty of jammy days and nothing-planned days. At some point I'd like to return our book to the library and get more to replace them, and when we visited Dempsey Bakery after our initial library trip, Paula (the owner) told me about a new knitting store that opened a few weeks ago that definitely needs to be investigated, too. ;)

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