Thursday, August 6, 2015


This week's gifts...
1829. Finishing the two quilt blocks I'd had for two months before church, so that I could {finally} turn them in
1830. Coloring with Brooklyn
1831. Tobin happily hanging out in the doorway bouncer
1832. Rescuing an abandoned storage rack for out-of-toddler's-reach board game storage
1833. The vase I broke while moving a shelf shattering in the tray it was sitting on, instead of all over the floor
1834. Jet trails emanating from the sunrise
1835. Brooklyn reading Counting Kisses aloud, and counting on each page
1836. Spontaneous tacos
1837. Wanting to knit a blanket, then remembering that I had one started - and being able to find it
1838. That Target and Whole Foods both open at eight, for the days that both Littles get up at six
1839. Extra long afternoon naps
1840. Getting my letters for the week written a couple of day early - two weeks in a row!
1841. Tobin being entertained by a hamper full of unfolded napkins while I organized
1842. Filling two boxes with knitting books and magazines that I no longer need, and finding a good home for them
1843. The Good Earth Garden Center food truck rally - delicious options for everyone!

I don't do the present very well. I mean, sometimes I do - immersed in the beauty of moment. But then I get distracted dreaming about the future, or searching the past for patterns and paths that lead to where I am now.

But here is where I am. It's where Brooklyn is starting to speak in full sentences. Where Tobin is learning to crawl, moving one limb at a time like an animatronic. Where she asks me write letters, and spells words backwards. Where he has two tiny teeth and lets me feed him hummus. Where she says "yay!" about almost everything. Where he explores until he's so sleepy that he catnaps on the floor with his thumb in his mouth and a toy in his hand. Where she gives passionate squeezy hugs. Where he smiles wide as he watches her, wanting so badly to do what she's doing.

And he reminds me that no amount of reaching for the future will make it come faster, and no amount of looking back will revive the past. Right now I'm here - and here is a pretty good place to be.

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Jeanne Takenaka said...

I loved reading your gifts, and how many of them revolved around the gift of your children. :) And, I am with you. It's so easy to dream about the future, and miss the precious, beautiful moments in the here. May you continue to grow in embracing the gift of here. I'm learning these same lessons. :)

Have a great Friday! I'm your FMF neighbor this week. :)

Denise said...