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The weekly reckoning...
1865. Spending a peaceful half hour at the library with Brooklyn and Tobin
1866. An extra day off for Adam
1867. Brooklyn thinking that books are better than cookies (although, she was open to having both)
1868. A good morning session at the Strong Bonds conference, with hot tea (it was cold and I was sleepy)
1869. and the chance to have dinner together, just-us-two
1870. Brooklyn and Tobin's patience with the childcare, and being able to bring them home in the afternoon for normal naps
1871. Time for a drive between the closing morning session and church
1872. A church that values involvement, not just in their ideas but also encouraging others to pursue their passions
1873. A weekend that felt longer than it was, in a good way
1874. Brooklyn sleeping a little late (for her), after several consecutive early mornings
1875. Just enough time between naps and the evening rush hour to run a few errands
1876. Tobin's furtive independent exploration
1877. A jammy day
1878. Convincing Tobin that yes, actually, he does need more than one nap a day
1879. Surprise flowers, homemade dinner, and a couch date
1880. Everyone sleeping in a little (yay thunderstorms!)
1881. A Sabbath that included a beautiful new yarn store
1882. New Community, sharing and serving and finding a mentor
1883. Finding a versatile shirt at Target that greatly expands what I already have for fall and winter
1884. Finishing Brooklyn's skirt and her sweetly modeling it for me
1885. Adam getting home late but before Brooklyn and Tobin went to bed

I am kind of a que sera, sera kinda girl - I embrace (or resist...) things as they come, instead of seeking them out (sometimes. I've had very specific ideas that I've pursued - some of them have worked out, some of them haven't). One often meets their destiny on the road they take to avoid it - but I'd like to meet whatever-it-is head on. I approach each corner wondering what fresh adventure may be around it  - even though I have no idea what that adventure will look like.

It may be messy (a move, an artistic endeavor, a toddler). It may be big (an overwhelming feeling, an epic event, or something physically large). It may be wet (splashing in the ocean, or in a puddle). It may be loud (laughter, roaring airplane engines, or new neighbors). It may be fuzzy (literally or figuratively). It may be bright (a suddenly sunny day or a sparkling conversation). It may be wonderful. It may be something that I initially recoil from but learn to embrace after closer examination.

But the unknown doesn't keep me from moving forward - it doesn't keep me from wondering, from wandering, from seeking. I may not look for specific adventures much of the time... but somehow, they find me.

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Finding those little, everyday sort of blessings usually finds me a much better attitude. Definitely worth looking for!
blestbutstrest said…
Isn't that the truth? Our destiny often finds us on the road we take to avoid it! I don't know how many times I've said, "I'm NEVER going to______" only to find that that's exactly what God wants me to do and I actually end up loving it. He knows me so much better than I know myself!
Mary Geisen said…
Finding blessings in our everyday is what it's all about. God loves when we seek Him and then turn to Him in thanks for the blessings that He has so lovingly given to us. Beautiful!

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