Tuesday, July 28, 2015


The reckoning...
1784. Morning adventures and paleo biscuits and gravy
1785. A pretty Betta who likes his new home
1786. One for one tacos {a taco for me = a meal for a kid in Africa}
1787. Brooklyn's excitement about going to church
1788. Solo grocery shopping - so much more efficient!
1789. Experimental soup success
1790. A jammy day, after a busy weekend
1791. Tobin's ardent desire to do whatever Brooklyn's doing
1792. Spontaneous weekday adventures
1793. The Museum of Discovery 
1794. That Brooklyn considers it a treat to go somewhere and sit and look at books
1795. Tobin's adorable attempts to crawl 
1796. Enthusiastic squeezie hugs from Brooklyn
1797. Adam's patience with my periodic bouts of "everything's awful and I'm not ok"
1798. Convincing Tobin to go to bed before 9pm, several nights in a row
1799. Progress made on deadline projects
1800! Afternoon naps for all
1801. An hour alone at Starbucks, spent productively
1802. Mum coming to get we-three so I wouldn't have to drive to Fayetteville alone
1803. A summer version of my favorite Onyx drink 
1804. Going to bed early (before ten!)

1805. Walking around the Farmers Market with a friend
1806. That macarons are naturally gluten-free
1807. Morgan's shower and Hannah's birthday party being the same day
1808. Being able to get up and go in the morning
1809. A smooth trip home
1810. Tobin deciding to crawl as soon as we got home
1811. Staying home and being still
1812. The only mail being happy mail
1813. Working together to make meals ahead for the week

Ten things I love about you:

- I love your strong arms and the way I feel safe in them.
- I love the way that Brooklyn squeals "Daddy Bear!" when you come home because you're worth being excited to see.
- I love your brown eyes, like mine. And like Tobin's.
- I love that you are such an amazing cook and so creative about inventing new recipes (especially within the restrictions of gluten-and-mostly-dairy-free).
- I love how you always know when I need a random encouraging text.
- I love the crinkles and dimples you get when you're really smiling.
- I love when you listen to me babble on about something that you don't really care about, just because I'm passionate about it.
- I love how hard you work to make sure that we're taken care of.
- I love that you and I are so different in so many ways, and yet so perfect for each other.
- and finally? I love you.

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Erin Tellman said...

I recognized your list immediately. I am impressed at how far past 1000 you have gone! I just started my one thousand gift list last week...up to 43 already.

Loved your top ten list about your love! Great job!

Erin Tellman