Monday, July 20, 2015


Tobin is continuing his experiments in locomotion. He moved one knee forward once (before reverting to the Superman Pose), and lifted one hand once - since that maneuver resulted in him promptly toppling over onto his back, he hasn't tried it since (I think it looked something like the one time I tried to ride a skateboard and found myself sitting in the middle of the road while it spun upside down in a ditch, immediately after I stepped onto it, with no clear idea of what had happened). But he still likes to get up on his hands and knees and bounce. He'll get it soon, I'm sure.

And when he does, I suspect that the first person he crawls to will be Brooklyn. He's so fascinated by her - not just by her toys that he can't have, but by her. She gives him hugs and he giggles, then holds perfectly still and waits to see if she'll do it again.

Brooklyn likes him well enough - unless he sneaks up on her, gets into her toys, or grabs her hair. Then she's just offended. I see a baby gate in the future, just so that she can get away if she needs to. Raising an introvert and an extrovert together is going to be interesting!

A couple of weeks ago, I called our front office to see how the pet policy applied to fish (they have an astronomical pet deposit plus a monthly fee for furry beasts), and she laughed and said fish don't count and I was welcome to one. So we got a guppy and named him El Guapo ("the handsome"). He made it a week. He wasn't eating, and the uneaten food caused a toxic imbalance in the pH that I didn't test for until it was too late.

So I cleaned out the aquarium, tested our tap water, added conditioner and tested it again, then added a pH balancer and tested it again - and apparently finally got it right, because Uther Pendragon has been industriously working on a beautiful bubble nest (a betta's way of saying that he feels he is in a safe and hospitable environment) almost since we put him in there.

I think it's good for kids to be around animals - Brooklyn says "Hi fish, hi Uther!" whenever she walks by, and enjoys watching him eat; and I don't mind the minimal maintenance of keeping his little tank clean. Our kitchen doesn't have a window, so he lives on the counter over the sink and gives me something to look at while rinsing dishes or working on lunch.

It's been too hot to even play with water on the balcony or really go anywhere, so we've been staying home (until we get into a dire grocery or diaper situation and have to go to the store). It's restful in a way, although Brooklyn gets tired of it and starts wanting to do errands. "Go Sonic, see cars, get ice? Groceries, Kroger, Whole Toods, ride in cart, carry list?" I'd love to go to the library more, or try to make it to the Museum of Discovery for a morning, but when I break a sweat just carrying them to the car, then it stops being worth it.

So until the heat indexes stop being in the triple digits, we'll just stay inside - I'd rather spend my summer days quietly with just my two littles than brave the mad world of Loud Bored People, anyway. 

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