Tuesday, July 14, 2015


I am a firm believer in Saturdays. Even though my dad often worked on Saturdays when I was a kid, I always thought that they should be special. I have tried my whole life to establish a Saturday Morning Pancake Breakfast Tradition, but no one else has embraced it with my level of enthusiasm or dedication - so when I have any amount of say, I always try to seek out special adventures for myself.

For example, the summer I was in Cleveland for an internship, I made it a point to walk to a Papa John's a few miles away and order a large pizza (which also became my breakfast for the rest of the week...) then get a couple of movies from the video rental store next door while I waited for my pizza, on the Saturdays that I wasn't working (on the Saturdays I did work, I made sure to leave in enough time to stop by the Vine and Bean Cafe for a chai). 

The summer I spent in New York, I would get up early on Saturdays and after a breakfast of pancakes I would explore the city. The Brooklyn botanic garden is free before noon on Saturdays and there is a wonderful farmers market in Grand Army Plaza, and those were both just a few blocks away. Sometimes I would walk down Union Street to a knit shop my roommate had taken me to, or she and I would have adventures together. Anything that couldn't be done on a week day after work (although, some pretty awesome stuff happened then, too) or on a Sunday after church (partly because that's when I did laundry, which was a three hour quest that needed to be finished before dark).

While I'm driven by a thirst for adventure, Adam prefers to answer the siren call of sleeping in. He's up early and working late so much, it's reasonable - so sometimes we three go have Saturday adventures that he wouldn't find particularly enjoyable (I can make getting coffee a production, and relish doing so) so that he can sleep in in peace, without Brooklyn coming in for periodic wellness checks.

Not that he doesn't like adventures - he'd just prefer that they not involve an alarm clock. Since I have two small alarm clocks, neither of which possess a snooze button, I can face my day much more cheerfully if I have some sort of plan for all the extra time I've been gifted.

I have a very broad definition of adventure. This past Saturday, Adam had Drill so we three went to Dempsey Bakery for cookies then swung by Hobby Lobby because I needed elastic to finish a design - and I found a grown-up coloring book while we were there that I gleefully spent part of the afternoon with. Sometimes we hunt down Beast (a paleo food truck with amazing breakfast tacos), visit the zoo or the Museum of Discovery, walk somewhere, or go for a drive. Pretty much anything that isn't staying home or going grocery shopping counts.

Now, I have the utmost respect for the ordinary moment (more on that later), but I also believe that sometimes a celebration should be more than the momentary acknowledgement of grace, sunrises, and a cup of tea. Some days just need be set aside as different - besides, why should birthdays be the only thing worth noting with cupcakes?

Beautiful dwelling is celebrating the small as well as the big - and recognizing that our attention to it is what determines the size of a moment.

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