Monday, July 27, 2015

On the Move

Tobin decided, after a weekend visiting Fayetteville, that he should be mobile now. I wouldn't exactly call what he's doing "crawling" - he moves his knees up until they touch his hands, then lays down, hands extended, and repeats the process. It's definitely the most effective thing he's tried so far, and Brooklyn and I spent our day today keeping him out of things.

He didn't really have much need to move while we were in Fayetteville, with a steady stream of people who were happy to tote him around. I think he and Brooklyn both enjoyed their cousin Hannah's first birthday party - I wondered how Brooklyn would do, since that's the first not-for-her party she's been to, but she was brave and patient and did very well.

She's such a little person, I don't know why I was worried. This morning she was drilling Tobin with a set of alphabet flashcards. What's this? This is a W. This is a wagon. No, T, not a mouth toy! She kept pushing her hair back from her face, and I found a Joyn headband of mine that doesn't really work with my shorter style but was adorable on her. She figured out how to put it on herself and delightedly worked in it, adjusting it and wanting to see herself in the mirror. Ooh, pretty!

While we were at my parents, she helped my Mum make french fries - dropping the peels into the trash and the cut potatoes into a bowl, with only a little initial instruction as to what went where. I may have to start cooking more, so that she can help me.

Tobin has been highly interested in food lately - until we put it in his mouth, at which point he becomes extremely offended and makes little ninja moves at you if you try to give him another taste. The best thing I've found so far is to give him a taste of whatever I'm eating (especially if he can smell it, so it's not so much of a shock) - he actually ate seven lentils this evening out of my (somewhat spicy) soup. I'm not really worried about it - despite the pediatrician's prodding to give him "something high calorie" (not exactly sure what she has in mind...) and use of the phrase failure to thrive (are you looking at the same baby that I am?) I'm waiting for teeth before I start pushing solids.

It looks like I'll be spending this week creating a system that is baby-proof but not toddler-proof, and attempting to convince Brooklyn that some of the things only she has played with up 'til now are now "Burch toys" and Tobin can play with them too...

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Andrea Luong said...

If you figure out a way to convince Brooklyn to share, let me know! I'm still working on convincing Big Sister that she is not the sole owner of every item in our house and that Baby Brother does, in fact, deserve a chance, too!