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1745. Farmers Market adventures with Tobin 
1746. Brooklyn's continued bravery after several days of lots of new places and people
1747. Sparklers, and both Littles sleeping through a window-rattling neighborhood fireworks display 
1748. Lunch with friends before leaving Fayetteville 
1749. Brooklyn bringing Tobin a toy out of his bag, to keep him happy while we unpacked 
1750. Having had the forethought to leave a day's worth of leftovers in the fridge, knowing we wouldn't feel like cooking 
1751. A day at home together before Adam had to go back to work 
1752. Driving adventures, with talking and cupcakes 
1753. Fish not being counted as "pets" in our apartments' pet policy 
1754. A jammy day, since everyone seems to be coming down with something
1755. Brooklyn eating "toats" {toast} with her lunch and being excited about it
1756. Finding the roach that tried to hide in the closet
1757. Tampering with one of Adam's recipes, and him liking the result
1758. Infused water - more drinkable to me than the plain stuff!
1759. Brooklyn saying "Hello Tobin! Hello El Guapo!" {the fish} when I got her for breakfast
1760. That being sick just makes Tobin sweeter and snuggly-er than usual, instead of fussy
1761. The only thing in the postbox being a magazine
1762. Experimental popsicle success

1763. Brooklyn pouring out all of her puzzles, and happily putting them back together
1764. Tobin's funny faces over new tastes - food!
1765. Knitting and watching a movie with him while she napped
1766. Being able to take Adam a new uniform jacket, after he got to Drill and realized his was stained
1767. Saturday morning cookies from Dempsey Bakery
1768. Coloring books for grown ups, and 40% off mobile coupons
1769. Tobin happily hanging out in the nursery, while I sat through an uninterrupted sermon
1770. Happy music
1771. Starting the week with the kitchen completely reset
1772. Brooklyn reading aloud to Tobin
1773. The way he wants to be doing whatever she's doing
1774. That Brooklyn is really excited about broccoli
1775. Voxer bookclubbing Breathing Room
1776. Brooklyn and Tobin having tea
1777. Tobin leaning over Adam's shoulder while Brooklyn sat in his lap and listened to a book
1778. Air conditioning (even when it's struggling, it's still better than a window unit or none at all)
1779. Evening rain to cool the outdoors off
1780. New Community
1781. That Tobin was napping when Brooklyn was sick, so I was able to focus on getting her cleaned up and feeling better
1782. Adam not having to work late
1783. Wild in the Hollow

The dapples of sunlight that trickle through the waving branches' grasp lure me like so many Will O' the Wisps; I chase the wonders, wide eyed, that are illumined by each beam, marveling at leaf, acorn, moss, and stone, treading holy ground. Downward, ever downward, my quest until I'm transfixed at running water's edge, to gaze on liquid song.

Introverted bliss - this is when I am most free. And it's certainly beautiful and, I think, necessary. But when I am convinced that freedom lies only there, scampering through the woods like a spotted fawn, then I become bound it, instead.

I am freer than I know - so much privilege, so much choice. I can think and say and write without fear (not always a good thing...) but I forget that that is also freedom, and instead sigh because running to the grocery store for a single forgotten item is an hour-long ordeal requiring multiple trips up and down the stairs and packing half the apartment into the car with us.

Trysts with Nature are refreshing to my soul, but I need to always remember that the spirit-thirst can only be slaked by Living Water - offered freely.
"Come, everyone who thirsts, come to the waters; and he who has no money, come, buy and eat! Come, buy wine and milk without money and without price. Why do you spend your money for that which is not bread, and your labor for that which does not satisfy?
Listen diligently to me, and eat what is good, and delight yourselves in rich food.
Incline your ear, and come to me; hear, that your soul may live; and I will make with you an everlasting covenant."
{Isaiah 55:1-3}
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Marcy Hanson said…
Just beautiful. There is so much free in nature and so much free I take for granted. Love your words and your thankfuls!
Denise said…
very nice post.

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