Friday, July 3, 2015


This week's gifts...
1724. Adam and Brooklyn spending the morning at an airplane show while Tobin and I spent the morning quietly together 
1725. Spontaneously suggesting a game of Scrabble, simultaneously
1726. An family evening walk
1727. An excellent sermon series (though, they all are)
1728. Dinner out and a post-meal amble
1729. Sitting up late talking
1730. Adam being able to go to work late, so he could stay with Brooklyn while I took Tobin to his 6 month well baby check
1731. Playing with chalk and water on the balcony with Brooklyn, to while away a hot afternoon
1732. Tobin going to bed early, so we grown ups actually had an Evening Together
1733. Maintenance easily fixing our a/c (it turned out that the pouring water was due to a clogged drain line)
1734. The sale flowers I got at Whole Foods lasting over a week (usually they're put on sale near the end of their life...)
1735. Seconds
1736. Brooklyn helping at Target (she buckled herself into the cart, guarded all the items I handed her, put them on the belt when we checked out, and put the receipt in the bag - all unprompted)
1737. Adam having almost a week of leave, starting with a day off at home before several days of travel
1738. Taking the shaded route for an evening walk at the park
1739. Detouring on our way to a family reunion for a brief hike
1740. Brooklyn agreeing to practice peace at a hotel, after a long morning stuck in the truck
1741. Fog and storms and fireflies, in a valley with no cell signal
1742. Brooklyn sleeping well at the hotel, agreeing to take a nap in a strange place, and not falling asleep in the car on the way to my parents'
1743. A deeply enjoyable day spent with family
1744. Seeing many deer in the ditches and fields, but not encountering any on the road

Green has always been my favorite color - the lime/kiwi/chartreuse greens and the earthy/mossy/Celtic greens. I bought a hank of gorgeous hand dyed yarn once in glorious shades of moss with tiny vermilion flecks, and told the shop employee who wound it for me that if I was a yarn, that's the yarn I would be (does anyone else ever think that about anything?)

It seems like, as adults, we think (or think we should think) that it's silly to favor one color over another, especially to an extreme. If you'd like to have some sort of signature color (blue scarves, red necklaces, pink glasses...) that's fine, but the bulk of your closet (and the walls in your home) shouldn't all be the same color. We see something that we love, but sigh and pass it over because we already have so much whatever-color-it-is.

I don't know where we got that idea. If the most beautiful thing you can put on is a smile, then you should surround yourself with things that make you smile when you see/wear/use/spend time with them. I've spent a lot of time trying to make myself feel guilty for my favorites, but no more. My curated collections of pens, journals, books, local and fair trade earrings, music, and art; the people I'm privileged to call friends and glad to call family; all the pops and splashes and (let's be honest) oceans of green (and blue) that surround me... all are welcome, because they're my favorite.

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Tara Ulrich said...

Sarah, my favorite color is green!! The other day I was wearing a green sweatshirt, holding a green water bottle and sitting on a green camp chair! :p Visiting from FMF where I'm #16 this week. said...

Such lovely words... precious favorites... special moments.

Karrilee Aggett said...

I adore your list of gifts... and I love when you count them off one by one for us all to see! And also - of COURSE you would be green... obviously! Love this! (While my favorite color is purple - my signature color is definitely blue... teal and/or turquoise! It's nice that they all get along so well!) ;)