Monday, July 13, 2015

As Easy As ABC

Tobin has been practicing his mobility this week, rolling and skootching around to get to things, and getting up on his hands and knees (and then crying because he doesn't know how to go that way). He's not interested in sitting up on his own - he'd rather spend his energy moving. I took him to the nursery during church yesterday (since Adam was at Drill, and because we need to work on him being away from me for more than 20 minutes at a time) and he discovered bouncy exersaucers and wore himself out.

It seems like the further you set him away from something, the more quickly he gets to it. He had the blinds on our back door in both hands a few days ago and was about to take a bite, like it was a cob of corn, when Brooklyn noticed. "No, no, Tobin! Not a mouth toy!" And then she carefully pried his hands loose, shifted him away from the door, and diverted his attention with one of his own toys.

She's so adorably aware. She can accurately identify any letter (and happily goes around pointing out the letters on things, or bringing me a piece of paper and a crayon and dictating letters for me to write), and count to ten (after that she gets a little fuzzy). We have several wooden puzzles that I've been storing in her closet until she could do them and she spotted them while I was getting something else out, so we added them to her rotation. One set is four puzzles with a little stand - she pulls them all out, dumps the pieces, puts them together, and then puts them back on the little rack before moving on (I think she may be partly motivated to keep things put away by a desire to keep them out of Tobin's hands/mouth).

Brooklyn and Tobin have both spent the last week recovering from a cold (as a side note, I will be so glad when they learn to blow their noses...), so we've spent a lot of time at home and outside, with lots of water and snuggles and tea parties and reading. Sometimes I read to Brooklyn, and sometimes she quotes the book to me - there are a few that are especial favorites that she can do pretty accurately.

Tobin's working on a couple of teeth, but they haven't come through yet. I've been giving him tastes of whatever I'm eating, when it's baby-friendly, but so far he hasn't been extremely impressed. This doesn't taste how I imagined it tasting.

I love watching their unique personalities emerge and develop - the way the a person becomes a person is such an interesting process! And they're already so different from each other...

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