Friday, June 12, 2015


The weekly reckoning...
1661. Tobin going back to bed, so I was able to spend an hour in solitude
1662. Repeated confirmation that it's ok to be an introvert, as long as I don't use "I'm an introvert" selfishly
1663. Finishing a book before bed, and not staying up late to do so
1664. The our church has an early service, for when everyone gets up early
1665. Everyone taking a three hour afternoon nap 
1666. An hour and a half long Voxer book talk
1667. My Fair Trade Friday earrings-of-the-month coming before I left town for the week
1668. A new drivers license 
1669. Being able to take a shower that was actually relaxing, since there was someone to hold Tobin and listen for Brooklyn
1670. The Walmart in Clarksville - it's right where we are when we need to have a break
1671. Knitting time in the car (extended by having to go back for a forgotten item)
1672. Brooklyn surviving the afternoon and evening trauma-free, despite having not had a nap
1673. A good visit with Adam's parents 
1674. Erranding with Tobin - he enjoyed the Boba-time
1675. Finding a birthday gift for Mum, and a toy that Tobin is very excited about, while we were out
1676. Finding the shoes I needed at the first store we went to, on sale
1677. Brooklyn's delight over splashing mildly in a kiddie pool
1678. Getting to talk to Adam before 10pm

"It's a small world - unless you're trying to mow it." That's what my grandpa always says. Usually after spending a hot summer day mowing their big yard, in the depths of the dry season when the garden withers but the grass continues to flourish.

It's funny how our perspective shrinks and grows, depending on the circumstances. Sometimes we feel insignificant, other times we feel important, and most of the time we forget the One who holds all of it in His hands.

Gratitude, I think, helps us find the perfect perspective - magnifying the beautiful until it overcomes the discontent, but also giving us a wide-angle lens through which to view those around us, opening our hearts to pass on the gifts we've been given.

We're all part of this world, and a wide one it is - but familiarity brings a sense of coziness, even in a crowd. If we join hands with fellow believers, build bonds strengthened by a common hope, then we can see past the differences that make us shrink and embrace instead that there is Light and there is Darkness, and there is a Love that reaches all.

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Patti M. said...

I love your grandfather's expression! And I so appreciate your perspective on this week's word and on being grateful. Being intentionally thankful has been a work in progress for me, and your thoughts give me something to ponder today as I write in my journal. :)

Karrilee Aggett said...

Simply Amen, my friend! Love this - and you!