Monday, June 1, 2015


After I took this picture, I noticed how much Tobin is maturing (while I was taking the picture, I was slightly distracted by the adorability of a chubby baby in tiny knit Hawai'ian shorts).

I mean, seriously. Too cute.

We spent the first few days of this week recovering from our trip (anything not-normal is kinda hard on the Littles) before a friend from Fayetteville came down to visit for a few days.

She sweetly volunteered to watch Brooklyn so we could have a date-night before Adam left for two weeks for Annual Training (an offer we gladly accepted). It was nice to explore Argenta at our own pace, talking and taking pictures. And it was really nice to have company/assistance/moral support for a few days.

Brooklyn is mostly definitely a Tiny Person now - she has (and expresses) ideas about what to have for lunch and where snacks should be eaten, climbs stairs, tends to every doll and animal she has, requests hugs for injuries ("Need hugs! Hurt toes on book"), and is generally quite industrious. And in less than two weeks she'll be two...

Now it's just we-three for the week. I have a project that I'd like to finish before Adam gets back, it might be nice to walk at the park, maybe go to the library one morning... and I'd definitely like to have at least one jammy day. I don't know what adventures are lurking behind the corner - but I do know that they're there. :)

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