Monday, June 15, 2015


One week shy of six months - where has the time gone? Tobin's been practicing his sitting-up lately, and also pushing up more with his hands when he's on his tummy. Mobility is coming!

While I don't mourn the passage of time or wish that it would stop, and I embrace every point along the circle as one to be celebrated, there is one baby-thing that I have yet to find something as adorable as: the toothless smile. Yes, teeth are exciting (and with amount of chewing-on-things that Tobin's been doing, I'm sure there'll be some soon) but the gummy little laughs are darling.

Time does march on. Brooklyn turned two (!!) on Friday, and we celebrated by turning her carseat to face forward and going to get sno cones. Last summer we gave her shaved ice with no flavoring, but Shave the Planet in Fayetteville has "invisible" flavors, so we gave it a try with undyed raspberry. She was quite enthused about the whole process.

She is such a little person - curious and interested in everything, exploring her world and talking about it. I'm looking forward to seeing what changes and developments the next year brings.

Right, Fayetteville. We spent the second of Adam's two weeks gone visiting family. Brooklyn ran around my parents' yard in a state of delirious freedom, and Tobin enjoyed being almost never put down. Chickens were petted, flowers were picked, and lots of laundry was done (Nature is dirty!).

She got to play in a kiddie pool at my grandparents' house - Tobin, who gets hot easily and doesn't really think the outdoors is so great, chilled in a wagon just outside the splash-zone. He did end up getting wet a few days later - he and I got caught in the rain while running errands, and had to make a break for the car (which was no where near where we were). I kept him pretty dry in the Boba, except for the top of his head - he was indignant, and his hair dried curly (see the first picture) which completely dampened the effect of his indignation.

Adam came to get us after his two weeks were up, and we all came home together. Now the rest of the week will be spent normalizing our schedule and getting ready for Brooklyn's birthday party on Saturday. There's always something going on!

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