Monday, June 29, 2015


It's been a slow staying-at-home sort of week, which Tobin spent regaining the rolls that he'd lost in his last growth spurt. At his 6 month well baby check this morning he was about average for height, which is definitely due to the lengthening he did a few weeks ago.

There are dice. May I taste them? It's good luck!

He's been working on sitting up, with limited success, and on Getting Where He Wants to Go, which is going swimmingly.

When he wants to go somewhere, he moves like a knight in chess - rolling until he's level with whatever he wants, then rotating so that he can roll the rest of the way. It's quite effective, and surprisingly efficient (ask me how I know about the "surprisingly" part).

If I eat it, then I'll never have to sit in it again.

And he wants to be free to roll - if I try to put him in a seat, he has to be buckled in or he'll escape. But when he's buckled, he loudly practices his new collection of consonant sounds (ba, da, ma, and na) to let everyone know that he Does Not Approve.

It's been so hot we've spent as much time as possible indoors, but there was a glorious storm Thursday night that cooled everything off (comparatively - I'm a fall-weather fan, personally) so that Brooklyn and Adam were able to go to an airplane show on Saturday morning. She touched planes and helicopters and was extremely excited - she'll still randomly say "touch a he'copter!" in the middle of playing or reading.

This week we're preparing for a trip to Mountain Home for a family reunion (my side of the family). Brooklyn historically hasn't done well sleeping away from home, but she's matured since we last tried and we'll only be there one night before we move on to see more familiar family, so hopefully she'll do well.

2015 is half over... soon we'll begin the downward slope toward Thanksgiving and Christmas and Tobin's first birthday. I've already started seeing fall decorations in a few stores, and as much as I enjoy and look forward to the cooler weather, the hiking and fire-side-sitting and boot-wearing weather, I'm trying to relish the fun of summer while it's here.

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